What Mike Matejka left out

By: Diane Benjamin


Anybody know why the guy who voted to build the Coliseum gets to write a column in the paper? Better yet, why does anybody listen to him when he not only voted against the will of the people but has never apologized for his taxpayer fleece?

Of course Mike is campaigning for Chris Koos, they are buddies and one uses your tax money to provide the other with union jobs. There is an underpass that needs built!

One thing Mikey points out is the Town (actually you) spent $91 million on Uptown to attract $142 million in private investment. Hum, let me think, something is missing from that calculation. (other than a poor ROI) Let me think . . . .

Oh, how about the interest wasted on that $91 million Mikie?

I bet the total the Town of Normal spends on Uptown easily eclipses the private investment! You do know Normal is paying interest only on some bonds? Did you skip that part on purpose?

No Mike you don’t occasionally have to park in a garage. When the last open space is devoured by Trail East it will be all the time if there is room in a garage. All those Trail East occupants will be using space. Mikie also forgot to mention passengers can’t be dropped off at the door of the Amtrak station. People still do it anyway, maybe a full time parking guard can be stationed outside to toss tickets to violators.

Mikie also thinks Uptown benefits ISU. How many students did ISU have before Uptown? How many do they have now? Isn’t it close to being the same? You think kids wouldn’t attend ISU if Normal hadn’t put their citizens MILLIONS of dollar in debt that won’t be paid off for a generation or more? Celebrating that feat Mikie? Colleges are picked based on the programs they offer. Lots of attendees liked the old Normal where food was actually affordable.

How are those two Uptown hotels doing? Even before COVID one was barely holding on.

Attempting to deflect criticism for the 1 Uptown Circle fiasco Mike does mention that one. He also mentions all the different credit ratings Normal has depending on who rated them. Is Mikie a secret BlnNews reader?

I hope Rivian hangs around long enough to prove the skeptics wrong. Ask them why Europe and China get affordable Rivian EV’s but America evidently doesn’t. Do you know who is planning to drive the TWO the Town is going to buy? Should taxpayers be footing that bill just to support a local business? Should all local businesses sign up for Town of Normal purchases or just Rivian?

Matejka is right about voters having a clear choice on April 6th. More insider deals or fiscal responsibility. More squashing the right of citizens to address their government or free speech. More bobblehead votes from Trustees towing the Town line or actual representation by those you elect.

The deep state is real, Matejka proves it.

4 thoughts on “What Mike Matejka left out

  1. I confess I did not see Mike’s column, but I doubt if his story has changed much from his previous columns.

    Mike’s paycheck does not exist without government projects so of course he supports them, each and every one of them, every time.

    So who does the media go to for a cheerleader….good ‘ol honest Mikey.

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  2. Funny the union people have forgotten the Pantagraph busted the printer’s union years back. Mike getting cozy with a union busting entity, paints an interesting picture. Otherwise he is a self serving tool that should be ignored. He, like Koos do not have the brain power to light a 10 watt light bulb, forget about what is best for the citizens of Normal.
    By all means Mike ignore the pot holes as those union members are locked in find new money wasting projects to make more union jobs.


  3. Fixing the streets and other infrastructure would put alot of union members to work for quite some time. There is way more money for the rank and file to make in repair than new projects which is where the contractors come out on top. That ought to tell you who Majtka supports nad it sure isn;t the rake and file. That’s Mike, another crooked democrat.

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