Chemberly: Re-think your role

By: Diane Benjamin

Chemberly Cummings is the perfect Trustee for the establishment in Normal. She believes her job is to rubberstamp staff recommendations.

Listen to her Saturday interview – start at 38:30 –

She, and all the other Trustees except Stan Nord, think they hire “professional staff” who are experts in their fields, so whatever they recommend must be fine.

Stan Nord and I believe Trustees are the last line of defense between the citizens and government working in government’s interests instead of what is best for citizens. Obviously Stan’s frequent questions about policy and spending defend citizens. That makes him a target for the establishment who doesn’t want questioned.

Without Stan the South Linden condos would right now be rented for $100 a month. If he had been on the Council when the second floor of 1 Uptown Circle was rented for almost $36,000 a month it would never have happened. This list could be much longer!

Imagine more Stan Nord’s defending you instead of Chemberly Cummings types who don’t. Those include Kevin McCarthy and Scott Preston. (Preston slightly less, but not enough to matter)

Her interview starts at 33:00. At 34.50 she defends using the Liquor Commission to enforce Pritzker mandates. She still believes edicts are law because the Town attorney said they were. She calls attorney Brian Day the “Best of the Best”. I believe he was told what to say to keep his job.

At 38:10 Chemberly claims all bonds require paying interest for years and the principal at the end. She needs to look at the Town’s bonds, that does not apply to most of Normal’s. Does she not know or is she deflecting from real facts? She used the AAA bond rating from Fitch to justify her position. Normal does have a high rating, but the other two ratings agencies aren’t at AAA. Chemberly must not have read this story:

Chemberly is huge into economic development. I wonder if she has ever looked at states or cities that don’t need incentives to get businesses and people to locate there. The key is being business friendly. Don’t micromanage every aspect of what they are allowed to build and then tax them to death for daring to locate in your town. Incentives aren’t necessary when the market doesn’t inhibit success. In Illinois it does, both Bloomington and Normal only want the “right fit”.

Can you imagine Florida, Texas, and Tennessee asking if you are the “right fit”?

So many businesses and people are relocating to those states they don’t have time to ask.

Steve Harsh, candidate for Trustee, was on before Chemberly. If you want more people on the Council who believe they work for those who elected them instead of rubberstamping staff, put Steve on your list to vote for.

6 thoughts on “Chemberly: Re-think your role

  1. Cummings is in it for the taxpayer funded trips. She is a yes person for Reece and Koos. I can’t believe she actually thinks that rubber stamping what your employees want to do is being responsible. I would be shocked if she has ever managed people before.

  2. She’s just a paid mouth piece for the leftist progressive communists. She does what she’s told. Doesn’t have an original thought in her head.

  3. Chemberly won’t pledge allegiance to the flag and our republic. She isn’t fit for office. She is part of the new WOKE culture and a disgrace to the Town Council.

  4. I pay taxes in Normal. Years ago Normal was debt free. Koos and Council has plunged Normal DEEP in debt. Some bonds they are only paying INTREST only. What responsible person would ever do that!! PLEASE vote for responsible representatives. VOTE VOTE!!!

  5. I think Steve Harsh is one of the few candidates who’s willing to take action to get things done instead of taking handouts or doing business as usual. He cares about the town and not making a name for himself. He will work for the people of Normal to make sure the town becomes a better, prosperous place to live.

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