Responsible Cities PAC does comedy

By: Diane Benjamin

From the PAC website:

Gee, it sounds like this group wants the best candidates for the entire community. They don’t.

Chris Koos and Kevin McCarthy have recently stated they were elected by the citizens of Normal and they don’t care about Bloomington. They want to run water pipes on top of Bloomington’s by Rivian.

Normal is stealing companies from Bloomington for Trail East: Farnsworth and AFNI. Of course subsidizing the theft isn’t a problem for Koos, just ask him. This “community” will be paying for TWO east side fire stations because the “community” can’t work together under Koos and Renner.

Guess who Responsible Cities endorsed anyway:

Obviously Responsible Cities was started because Chris Koos wanted to maintain his thiefdom. Mike Straza was run for mayor in Bloomington to keep the status quo.

Koos if claiming if Marc Tiritilli was mayor when Rivian talked about locating here they wouldn’t have.

Marc was not against Rivian buying the plant, he was against taking more money from Unit 5. Koos’ FIVE TIF districts, especially Uptown, have drained money from Unit 5. Citizens of Normal know that by simply looking at their property tax bills. Unit 5 takes more and more of your money because Chris Koos has massive debts to pay.

Of course Straza was endorsed for Bloomington, he was a founding PAC member. Mathy was also endorsed but he doesn’t have an opponent. Montey, Ward, and Fruin were also endorsed, but running solely against a socialist makes that no surprise.

2 thoughts on “Responsible Cities PAC does comedy

  1. The vast majority of the PAC are residents of Normal. Do you really think Straza will have the best interest of Bloomington at heart? He won’t and doesn’t. Straza has been heavily involved in the political elite of Normal. He was heavily involved in the 2019 campaign of both Koos & Dave Shields. Straza was on Normal’s Comprehensive Plan committee. What has he done for Bloomington? Who will he be working for?

    Vote for Mboka for Mayor, Nick Becker for Ward 5, Sheila Montney for Ward 3, and Tom Crumpler for Ward 9.

    1. Straza did an incredible job selling Dave Shields to the people of Normal. Hopefully he’ll be equally as successful with his buddy Koos in this election.

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