Rivian is hiring!

By: Diane Benjamin

Yesterday Rivian showed 211 job openings in Normal, today they have 213: https://rivian.com/careers?location=Normal&workType

2 of the positions are part-time.

Check it out of you need work.

7 thoughts on “Rivian is hiring!

      1. And more to come over time. Clark has no idea what type of cutthroat business he has entered.


    1. The law suit is really funny. Local car dealers have a pact that if you go out of town to buy a car where the sales tax is lower, you will no sooner get it in your garage in Bloomington or Normal and will be charged for the difference. Does Koos think that he’ll get the sales tax on every vehicle Rivian sells? That is if Rivian ever has a vehicle to sell or better yet if anyone buys their product.

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  1. Pea – Based on your past predictions, I can now see a great solution for my escape from Illinois…Get hired by Rivian and they will never produce a vehicle, then they close this plant and transfer me out of Illinois. Perfect plan…I’m gonna apply today.


  2. The auto dealers have crony capitalism on their side by having written into law a mechanism that protects their middleman, incumbent status. Sad but true. Auto dealerships have a lot of money and lobbyists on their side and don’t want to create a slippery slope toward direct sales. As I understand it, the laws would have to be rewritten or else Rivian could settle for a compromise “informal opinion” from the state. I suspect it will be the latter. This is going to happen in nearly every state. The dealership industry is not going to lie down.

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