Free pizza today from the socialists

By: Diane Benjamin

I heard Jenn Carrillo handed out candy bars to buy votes two years ago. Now it’s pizza. Maybe in two years they will have to move up to ribeye steaks.

At least they provided a partial list of candidates who do not believe voters are intelligent enough to know socialism fails every time it’s tried. The free pizza hosts can be scratched off your ballot list:

The socialists will be on the lawn in front of the BCPA, conveniently right where early voting is taking place. Playing on emotion and then ushering voters to a booth is how uniformed voters are captured. Socialists have lots of ideas for seizing power, but they won’t have a clue of what to do with it if they get it. Defund the police? Ban police on campus? Redistribute wealth by making education free?

Sometimes it’s easier to figure out who not to vote for, this time that’s easy:

“We’ll meet on the South Lawn of the BCPA and hear from candidates running for the Bloomington City Council, Normal Town Council, Heartland Community College Board, and others. Candidates speaking are all leaders who demonstrate a commitment to putting people in our community first.”

If you need lunch and like free food, go check it out. Take pics or video and send it to me. It should be fun to see what candidates show up! As long as they stay more than 100 feet from the door this stunt is perfectly legal.

This is why voting early is really stupid and the democrats love it. Round after round of uniformed voters can be conned into voting for them, pizza is much cheaper than an actual campaign.

15 thoughts on “Free pizza today from the socialists

  1. Free pizza and pianos is probably the worst campaign platform I’ve ever heard of. All the real issues must be solved already if this is what’s important to “voters.”

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    1. It’s how the left operates, it’s similar to examples such as they will “fight hard” for new playground equipment at a park in a low income area but will ignore the fact that drug dealers also hang out at that same park – they will insist on a skate park being put somewhere and either truly not realize or ignore the fact that human traffickers and drug dealers often target skate parks. Wanting pianos they honestly believe that it will draw people to the places that they place them, but all too often it will be the sort of people who least actually NEED that sort of outlet. I have been in many places both here in the USA and in other countries where pianos are placed in different places, and I have seen them both work as they should, and seen them monopolized by semi pros – on a positive they can provide good free entertainment – I fear here though they will also invite vandalism as well as being monopolized by the very people that they should NOT be monopolized by. I kind of hope I am wrong. But to return to the original comment, they really have no idea how to properly handle stuff like roads, infrastructure, neighborhood crime etc so they fall back on acquiring “perks” in order to feel useful. Also, yeah, it’s sort of like the candy bars and free pizza.

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  2. Failed Socialist states: England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands. I could go on.

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  3. “Candidates speaking are all leaders who demonstrate a commitment to putting people in our community first.”
    Who are “people in our community” that go first to these people?
    Answer: the ones NOT paying taxes. Or the ones already living off a government paycheck.

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    1. BINGO! Whenever you see that sentence or ones very similar you KNOW you are dealing with full blown leftists/socialists/Marxists. Their language is very formulaic if you pay close attention – I can even speak with the exact vocal inflections that they ALL seem to use and I read their written drivel in my head with those infections.

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  4. got to experience first-hand the ‘vittles for votes’ strategy in ’94 when i owned a local reception venue. a community organizer rented the facility for an election morning event, and brought in several buses of what appeared to be homeless, or close to it, folks to fill with donuts and coffee prior to taking them to the polls. it all came into focus when on the way out the door several asked the organizer who they were to vote for.

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  5. Vote for Mboka for Mayor, Nick Becker in Ward 5, and Sheila Montney in Ward 3. All fiscally responsible candidates with real life work experience who show up when invited. They are the ones who will respond to the needs of the people. VOTE!!!

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