Comment from a Gunderson supporter

In case you don’t see the comments on, here’s one that might epitomize Jackie Gunderson supporters. To vote for a socialist brain cells have to be missing.

I do know who made this comment, usually I just file his filth for future reference. This one was too much fun though.

My response:

Thanks for pointing out who supports Gunderson! She needs to start suing with all the other Facebook sites that posted the pic long before I did. Is she embarrassed by it? Does it make her look bad?


If Jackie wants to sue, she needs to start with the person who posted it first, I have no idea who that is. Next she needs to read Facebook’s policy. Even if she stretched really far to assign fault she would have to prove damages. Losing tomorrow’s election would be because she is a socialist, tough case to make the pic had any effect. I refrained from posting Jackie’s past financial problems and MULTIPLE changes of address. Two can play games!

Jackie, are all your friends like this one?

By the way, the socialists didn’t have a permit for their pizza giveaway outside the BCPA.






11 thoughts on “Comment from a Gunderson supporter

  1. Mike Matejka. And Not in Out Town I’m sure any moment will be holding a press conference demanding Gunderson withdraw from the race. There are now white people living in fear of being assaulted by People First Coalition.


  2. poor jackie. it’s not her fault. she IS being manipulated and used. whatever genuine concern she may have once held for making society a better placed was sold out the day she signed her soul to the DSA and managed by Jenn Carillo. It’s sad and prophetic in in way , to see jackie – hell she’s somebody’s daughter , with parents that prolly just wanted to see her meet a nice guy and perhaps make him a sandwich and produce grandchildren. But alas , the glamor or roller derby and the lure of politics and power intervened. so here we are – saltine crackers and all , on the eve of a massive people1st blowout loss. Thanks for your participation Jackie! #CrabillNext^^


  3. These people are all cut from the same cloth. Vile, angry, hateful (mostly to themselves), and above all — extremely low-IQ. A dangerous combination in idle hands looking for a community to destroy.


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