Normal tonight

By: Diane Benjamin

Remember this story:

Plumber and Pipefitters Local 99 wrote a letter to Chris Koos upset a water main project was awarded to an out of town contractor – SNC Construction. Tonight this company is being awarded another contract totaling $610,764.92. The disgusting water is getting fixed:

The Water Department’s FY2020-21 budget includes funds for the replacement of water main along Oakdale Ave, Ruston Ave, Margaret Ave and a small section along Grove Street between David Dr and 407 S Grove Street.

The budget for this project was $800,000. I wonder if Chris Koos will claim this in only to fix 4 houses again?

A contract for lining sewers will also be awarded. This one was under-budgeted and will require an adjustment. Total cost: $963,472.80

Legal cannabis is so popular the Normal dispensary wants a special use permit to expand their parking lot:

The Town should have a good idea how much revenue they are receiving. I wonder when they are going to tell us?

Finally – one of the reasons Chris Koos needs booted tomorrow:

Another secret appointment the public won’t know about until after the Council votes:

Normal keeps way too many secrets because they are working for themselves, not the citizens paying their bills.

6 thoughts on “Normal tonight

      1. Mr. Magoo can see through this. What Koos basically said is ‘suck it up, you can deal with brown water until I need a press release for my campaign.’ I’m not sure what’s worse, having brown water while the mayor and Town ignore your pleas for help, or having a mayor and his allies in the media use these same folks for political gain.

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  1. That’s the thanks we union people get for supporting them. jab it in & break it off! Award most work to non-union out of town workers to “save” money!


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