Democrats buying votes?

This is what the Georgia voting law makes illegal, only the law mentions water. It is no different than the Democrat chair buying votes of ISU with pizza. In Georgia democrats won’t be able to buy them with water bottles or food.


Why was the Democrat Party Chairman handing out pizza to the voters at ISU?  Erik Rankin just happen to be with Dan Brady’s opponent – Ben Webb.  Webb had to be asked to leave since his presence at a polling place is obviously illegal. Rankin didn’t know that?  (Seems democrats either never know the rules or break them intentionally!)

Maybe Republican Chair Connie Beard should show up and hand out pizza during the next election!  I bet Rankin would be howling!

Buying votes with freebies is what Civic Engagement looks like?  Is that what Rankin teaches?  Did Rankin give kids extra credit too with an “I Voted” sticker?

The video is nothing but a 5 second dance.  I wonder if there was a sign behind the pizza boxes saying:  Courtesy of the College Democrats?

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4 thoughts on “Democrats buying votes?

  1. It’s been going on for years here. It was so bold that a woman in a booth next to me actually yelled out from behind her curtain “Who am I suppose to vote for again?” When I walked out the guy from the laborers hall gave her a carton of cigarettes. I reported it but nothing was done. All the election judges that I recognized that day were well-known local Democrats. Organized labor in this town have been doing it for years with liquor and smokes. The people behind it our some of our most recognizable “community leaders”.

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    1. Dang a carton of cigarettes is around 90 bucks or more for just about any brand – I would think a free Chicago hot dog from Windy City Wieners or something similar would have been plenty.


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