Union hypocrisy

By: Diane Benjamin

I received this letter by FOIA. It is written to Chris Koos on letterhead from the Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 99:

Excerpt – note the date:

So, Local 99 is upset with Chris Koos for not awarding the project to a local contractor using local union labor on a Town of Normal project. The letter is dated March 16, 2021.

Jay Logan is so upset just a few days later UA Local 99 did this:

It only took NINE days to reward the guy who screwed them!

Koos has an invisible “D” behind his name though, does that cancel the hypocrisy? Did Koos promise them the massive water pipe project around Rivian would use local labor?

Or, does this prove unions will always vote for “D” regardless of how many times they get kicked in the teeth?

Source: https://illinoissunshine.org/search/?term=Plumbers+and+Pipefitters+local+99&table_name=candidates&table_name=committees&table_name=officers&table_name=receipts&table_name=expenditures&search_date__ge=&search_date__le=

9 thoughts on “Union hypocrisy

  1. Wonder why Matjeka being a union God hasn’t ripped Koos for this? Unions are all supposed to be one big happy family protecting each other. So Matjeka’s comments of support for Koos and council are likewise hypicritical. I love it when lions (union leaders) eat their young (member’s union money used to throw them under the bus). Remember look for the union label when you think you are paying too much. Somewhere a member is sleeping while ignoring work they think too tough.


  2. Waiting for Biden’s immigration plan to include automatic registration with a union for all border hoppers. Of course the government (we) will pay their union dues and find them a job if one exists or if they choose to work. Otherwise they can wait for their weekly government pay checks and take it easy.
    Joe will need a new cabinet position called The Department of Unions. It will have a sub cabinet call The Department of Labor.
    Might as well quit pretending like the unions and the government are two different entities.

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  3. The union BA’s propose to represent the rank and file but instead behind closed doors are kissing the ass of others. Once a good idea to represent the workers most union officials have become corrupt as the day is long. Hypocritical as a descriptive term is too kind.

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  4. Labor and trade unions are set up on purpose to resemble a Mafia organization which they are. Think of the grassroots members as shop owners who have to pay protection money to the outfit in order to operate and keep their jobs to provide for their family. The business managers and those that work inside the union offices are the capos who’s job it is to keep the graft system churning through threats and intimidation. They use local politicos the same way the Mafia would a federal senator or governor, no difference. They would never really hurt a politico, just send them occasional reminders ( like a threatening letter or phone call) just so they remember who is in charge of their political futures. The bosses ( locally the Penn Family) keep it running smoothly by their connections to Springfield, Durbin and Duckworth making their cooperation with the organization “worth their while”.


  5. Stan Nord pointed out to me that a Lot of local work the government pays for or subsidizes goes to out-of-town contractors using out-of-town labor, whether union or not. I’m sure I’m not the only candidate that mentioned this and wanting to correct it in the surveys we submitted to the local unions. But as you point out, they endorse the big dogs that rub the other big dogs’ bellies; if you’re a little dog, you don’t matter.
    Left or right, D or R, union or not, this election is about having local government that cares about and listens to Everyone, not just the big dogs. Please vote, and encourage everyone you know to also cast An Informed Vote, not one decided by the multi-thousand-dollar mailings paid for by groups whose own big dogs enjoy questionable multi-million-dollar contracts from local government.

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  6. Union leaders and administrations are just like the government — answerable to no one and they exist only for self-enrichment. It would be interesting to do a little checking into “Jay Logan” who I doubt very strongly is (a) a plumber, and (b) someone from the area.

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