Want to see Hypocrisy?

By: Diane Benjamin

Mailboxes in Normal are being flooded with fancy large mailers supporting Scott Preston, Kevin McCarthy, and Chris Koos urging votes for the incumbents on the Normal Town Council.

The Illinois Realtor Fund Super PAC is paying for them. This group must not know what they are supporting: https://illinoissunshine.org/committees/25064/

Illinois Sunshine not only lists contributions and expenses, it lists other committees with the same officers. They obviously don’t pay close attention what the incumbents have voted for:

If the goal of the Realtors Fund is affordable housing where taxes don’t force people out of Illinois, they are backing the wrong people.

If the goal is to encourage more home sales so they can pocket commissions, they just might be right. People will continue to flee Illinois cities with high tax rates. This group is headquartered in Springfield. Foreign interference without facts produces dollars for the post office, likely not swaying any votes. Most voters don’t fall for trash in the mail.

Even more hypocrisy next!

5 thoughts on “Want to see Hypocrisy?

  1. Several years ago at another taxation hearing in Normal, Ed Nieves from Berkshire Hathaway and at the time president of McLean County Realtors Assn., spoke out against the tax increase. Find it strange that they’re now supporting Koos. Beyond hypocrisy. Pure insanity.

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  2. I find it even more odd that Koos and his friends are the party of political action committees. He’s even formed his own. That’s what Responsible Cities is, a PAC. So much for them being the party of the little guy or the working man. They’re all about special interests, influence, connections and using taxpayers with deep pockets to hand out their special favors to those who support them. Whatever criticisms conservatives have taken in the past over this stuff have gone out the window in this campaign.

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  3. When one realizes that keeping the Elitist Clique together is more important than anything, these actions make perfect sense. See you at Rob Dob’s at around 7:00?


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