Video: Carrillo violence is “righteous rage”

By: Diane Benjamin

Keep in mind:

That would be campaign Manager for these people:

Now listen to Jenn Carrillo saying she won’t condemn violence, what will happen when her candidates lose next Tuesday? The video is from 5/31/2020, Law and Justice Center Black Lives Matter event. It is very short, seconds over a minute.

h/t a reader

One more note:

Jackie Gunderson scheduled an interview with WTVP (NPR) television in Peoria. She didn’t show up. Listen to the first few minutes, Gunderson set the date and time, 4 days before she cancelled to speak to another group.

3 thoughts on “Video: Carrillo violence is “righteous rage”

  1. Another candidate who believes it is better to campaign from the corner of her basement than be exposed to the light of questioning or the hard work of explaining yourself honestly.

    As Carrillo might say – “That ain’t right!”

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  2. And to think that SENSIBLE? people banned Bugs Bunny cartoons for their content.. Yet people like Jenn are ALLOWED to rant such ravings on OUR public square. This is what Democrats look like now?? Hoffman and the other 6 would be amazed, TRULY AMAZED!!


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