Update #2: Update: Anything to win right Koos?

Mulberry School Board President Nick Keever claims the signs are not on their property. According to GIS they own the corner of Beech and Lincoln.

He also claims they don’t own the property with the Mulberry School sign on it. Nick claims half of their building is owned as a private residence and the signs are on their property. There is an address as 602 E Lincoln that GIS locates as part of the building they have the school in. GIS shows Bloomington-Normal Mulberry School Corp as owning all the property facing Beech and Lincoln however.

So, you decide.

GIS link: https://mcleangis.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=541971ad75f248c38c9bc6ffcd3a7516&query=Cadastral_Web_1990_0%2CPIN%2C1422328001

This morning:

By: Diane Benjamin

Remember the Koos and company campaign signs illegally on Town of Normal property in One Normal Plaza? https://blnnews.com/2021/03/12/campaign-signs-still-there/

I hear the signs have been moved back to Nick Africano’s property – the guy who took your tax dollars to tear down a building a fix up another one and never finished but kept the money. https://blnnews.com/2020/03/06/one-normal-plaza-and-nick-africano/

Now another One Normal Place location has a problem with laws: Mulberry School.

Mulberry is a non profit – 501(c)(3), see some past tax returns here: https://projects.propublica.org/nonprofits/organizations/370951049

Since they are tax exempt and own the building they are in, they don’t pay property taxes. All of those close to annual property tax increases inflicted on citizens under Koos and buddies on the Council don’t affect them.

Mulberry does know the IRS rules forbids them from participating in political activities, a reader told them on March 8, 2021 when signs appeared on their property supporting Koos, Zimmerman, and McCarthy.

The signs were removed the next day.


Violating the law and jeopardizing their tax exempt status must not bother Mulberry School. The campaign signs are back! Did Koos and his buddies tell them not to worry about keeping their tax exempt status?

Any readers work for the IRS?

Signs from March 8 and yesterday:

18 thoughts on “Update #2: Update: Anything to win right Koos?

  1. Has anybody checked out David Shields Facebook lately? Is this guy for real? Here is a post from about a week ago:

    “My post below does not feel good. It feels necessary though. It’s a modified version of a response I made to someone saying they plan to vote for Tiritilli for Mayor of Normal, after having several conversations with him.
    I’ve also had several conversations with Mr. Tiritilli.
    I’m sorry that this feels like it needs to be said.
    Like any narcissist, Mr. Tiritilli can be articulate, charming, persuasive. Too often the purpose of that is manipulation in service of his ego. He’s had decades of practice telling people what they want to hear in order to get what he wants.
    His confidence as he misaligns facts and misconstrues context can be alluring, making you think, “Hunh, I never thought of it that way.”
    Of course you haven’t. It’s wrong. He’s wrong.
    He is a living example of the Dunning-Kruger effect. Ask the many employers he’s had in his adult life.
    Ask District 87 which fired him with cause.
    Ask why the only time he was elected to a public office he had to bail on it to find work in another state.
    Ask why in his mid-to-late 50’s he should be hired to run the best small town in the U.S. when the best job he can find today is a desk manager gig at IWU which might otherwise be filled by students as part of their financial aid package.
    He’ll most certainly be articulate, charming, and persuasive in his replies.
    As I’ve said elsewhere, he’s a great drinking buddy, and fun to hang with. I want the best for him. But as an adult he hasn’t accepted that he’s not as smart as he thinks he is. He’s more combative than collaborative, insistent that everyone believe he knows what he’s talking about.
    He’s got something to prove to himself. And he’s been unsuccessful to date. Whatever the underlying reasons are for this, becoming mayor would not address them, either.
    He’s been chasing this for five years because his ego demands it. He believes it’s a position of power. Ask yourself why someone who can’t hold on to a job wants power. Ask yourself what someone with a lot of scores to settle might want to do with “power”.
    We’re emerging from 4 years of what happens when a leader’s ego demands loyalty at the expense of the public good. Being afforded power cements in a narcissist’s head that they are always the smartest person in the room, every shred of evidence to the contrary.
    It’s a dangerous situation.
    To date, only he and his family have had to suffer the consequences of his actions. God forbid that those consequences be visited on the lives of every family in Normal.
    Mr. Tiritilli is simply the wrong choice for any elected office, let alone mayor of the best small city in the United States.
    I have affection for him, and wish him love and healing.
    I pray that people Elect Chris Koos Mayor of Normal.”

    1. There’s Trump derangement syndrome (TSD) and then there’s Stan Nord Derangement Syndrome (SNDS) that Dave Shields and everyone else has on the Normal Town Council has. Time for we the people to infect them with TSD2, Tiritilli Derangement Syndrome. Can’t wait to watch that show.

    2. I think Dave Shields is seeing the writing on the wall. He’s very scared of a Mayor Tiritilli because it would mean an end to the special favors he’s received from his BFF Chris Koos.

    3. WOW, just wow. That was like text book leftist, progressive, rambling twaddle. I am seriously sitting here shaking my head and chuckling a little at that little beta and his formulaic ramblings. I also read it in my head with their unmistakable cadence and inflection on all of the right words which made it at least a little entertaining. (I noticed he also suffers from TDS)

  2. The placement of political signs is telling. Koos signs can be found on the property of people and businesses that get taxpayer-funded handouts, while Tiritilli signs can be found on the property of taxpayers. Those that are getting something from government (meaning your tax dollars) are running scared. They might have to actually compete in the marketplace on their own merits…oh, the horror.

  3. “The best small town in America?” Based on what…the crumbling roads, vacant buildings, business closings caused by his butt buddy, political chicanery that rivals Chicago? Tell me more Dave. Maybe you would like someone to spill the beans on your real relationship with Chrissy and some of the things going on in your life. Go away you sicko

  4. Literally saw Koos drive around our neighborhood off of Hovey last night. There are huge signs for Mark T and none I can find for Koos. Just funny to see him roll through the neighborhood now when after months of dirty water complaints, never saw hide nor hare of his city paid leased BMW.

    1. It’s disgraceful that all the residents with this bad water situation are being ignored. It is unacceptable that this has gone on for 2 years.

  5. Dave Shields pocketed over $90K from his sweetheart deal for being best buds with Koos and the council bobble heads. I find it interesting when the Koos fiefdom began to collapse, he sold his house in Normal, quit his appointed position at the town, then moved out of Normal. He is now the loudest and most arrogant a-hole defending all things Koos without even being able to vote for him or pay taxes in Normal. He is a loud mouth with no skin in the game. He is merely a paid bullhorn for Koos’ bully pulpit.

    1. Anybody know where Dave Shields is living right now? I’ve heard he moved out of Normal, thank God, but not sure where he is now. In the last election, Normal soundly told him to go away. He just never wanted to believe it.

  6. When supporters/allies/friends post things like THAT on their social media during a campaign , it is almost always with at least the tacit approval of the candidate him/herself.

    I always respected Koos because of his small unit leadership skillz in Vietnam , but apparently it’s been downhill ever since – rock bottoming out with a ‘friend’ like Dave Shields and a mean-spirited race for Mayor in Jerkwater, USA.

  7. I read David’s post. Strange that every comment was positive. I know several negative comments were deleted. Maybe he is the Narcissist!

    1. I just went and checked out his FB, what a loon, what a total loon, a lifelong loon I would imagine, and it speaks volumes about his character (or lack of) that he would go drinking with Tiritilli and then bash him mercilessly. I have zero use or need for people like him, zero.

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