Campaign signs still there

By: Diane Benjamin

Yesterday’s story:

Just to prove these signs are on Town of Normal owned land, below is the GIS showing the Town owns the land along Beech Street:

Chris Koos, Kevin McCarthy, and Chemberly Cummings must not care about the law. Of course those who have watched Council meetings . . . . .

If they try to claim the rear signs are on Nick Africano’s property, that would be even worse. He’s the guy who got $500,000 from the town and never finished the work:

The Town of Normal has done very little to recover your money.

Different angle:

5 thoughts on “Campaign signs still there

  1. Nick Africano’s posting signs for Koos, McCarthy and Cummings on city property should tell you everything you need to know about the upcoming election in Normal. Have we had enough of the special favors to friends of government yet?

    If that’s not enough drive past Koos’ bike shop and see the three candidates he’s supporting for Council. Previously he only had two, Koos and McCarthy. Today he’s added a third.

  2. Africano’s support for Koos and His puppets explains why Normal has not made him pay the $500k he was obligated to reimburse taxpayers. Just another example of the Koos corruption. The incumbents have all allowed to let this happen. They should all be in jail for paying their friends off with taxpayer dollars.

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