Campaign Signs


For those running for office:

It is ILLEGAL to put campaign signs on government property.

I will give Koos, McCarthy, and Cummings until the end of today to remove theirs before posting pics.

Citizens can remove illegal signs. Take a picture first so you have proof they are illegal.

11 thoughts on “Campaign Signs

  1. The Park Hotel has a sign for Willie near the ditch and signs on Shepard’s property are too close to the road

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  2. Mboka and Tiritilli will have a fun time moving their signs to private property. Thanks for the heads up.

    1. A fake comment backed by no pictures or even locations of such. I love the smell of desperation in the air, it reminds me of rubber bicycle tires burning during a one hour flash sale.

  3. Drive past Koos’ bike shop and see who he’s supporting for Normal Town Council: McCarthy and Zimmerman. Whose his third pick? Chemberly? Or is he both a sexist and racist?

    1. He’s probably supporting McMillan. Another rubber stamp in the mold of Preston–absolute waste of a good seat on town council. Zero help to Stan.

      1. Koos’ MO is to get people in office who do not know the history of Normal or the community complaints. McMillan just moved here. His day job is teaching people to run for government. This is a resume builder job for him. He believes everything Koos says is gospel.

  4. Can someone point it out to me who are the democrats..republicans..or even the communists running for office??

    1. Marc Tiritilli, Steve Harsh, Karl Sila, and David Paul Blumenshine are Not the communists. You can look up their FB pages for more information. These are four excellent candidates.

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