Think Pam Reece Lied?

By: Diane Benjamin

Remember the $5 million water project Normal has in the budget?

Stan Nord asked many times why this project is in the budget. Normal is running water lines on top of Bloomington’s. The only answer he ever got from Pam Reece was: 1) Nobody has requested water service 2) It is for possible future economic development.

Pam Reece had to know Rivian was buying the property west of the plant to build more space. She could have informed the Trustees, but failed to do so. Obviously staff runs the Town, the Council is just there to rubberstamp whatever they present.

Since running the water is in the budget, the estimated $50 billion Rivian won’t be paying the tab. Name another company that can build and not have to foot the water and sewer construction themselves.

See the previous story:

Neither the current Rivian plant or the land they are buying are on the tap-on fee map. The land Rivian is buying will be annexed, will that get the property on the tap-on fee map?

Charging citizens for Rivian’s water pipes amounts to an economic incentive not available to everyone. Does Normal have to drill new wells to supply the water?

It is great to have Rivian here. Good paying jobs are needed. This story states what Rivian is attempting to do:

If they can pull off launching 3 different models in the same year they will be making history.

Amazon and Ford are heavily backing Rivian. Making citizens pay for what no other company would get just makes the rich richer and citizens poorer.

The water project has to come up for a vote eventually. I can think of one guy who will ask why citizens are getting the bill. The answer could be as simple as keeping Bloomington from running their water to the new site. Stay tuned to see if this will be brought before the Council before a new Council is seated.

Maybe Pam Reece can explain why she didn’t at least tell the Council the truth. She stated many times she was not aware of any developments in the Rivian area.

Maybe she just told her favorite Trustees. If Rivian footed the bill that $5 million would be available to replace lead pipes. That $5 million doesn’t get the water across the street. I wonder who gets that bill?

Priorities, priorities.

21 thoughts on “Think Pam Reece Lied?

  1. Why would one of the highest-valued, best funded businesses in North America need help with their water bill responsibilities? It’s foolish to think they do, and even more foolish to grant it. OK I know I can be criticized by suggesting that those who can are obligated to help those who cannot, that Government can think bigger by employing leveraged ideas and by humbling itself in service to its community. Old school idea, right? Here’s what I mean: It might be better instead to see how the community can develop, anticipate and fill those great emerging jobs, and even the not-so-great jobs.. Maybe take a different view: Rivian could help find ways to employ the unemployed and underemployed, City busses could find a useful role to get those workers there and home. Normal could give a hand up to those that need it instead of a handout to those that don’t. Help people get on their feet, and provide for their families. That’s the partnership, It’s not a tax-free, expense-free existence for the hand-picked few paid for by the declining finances of local citizens. It’s about fostering collaboration and value within a community. Actually making a difference. Would bet that Rivian would even feel better about seeing themselves in a story like this than in hiding the freebies they are offered. I’m very grateful Rivian is here too, but citizens especially those struggling to hang on are not willing investors, and therefor neither is Normal. They get no preferred stock in exchange, no returns on money loaned in-kind. It’s presently just a big give-away. In other news, we have a growing unemployment and homeless situation, potholes go unfilled, small businesses find it easier to do business elsewhere, and taxes keep going up. Hmmmmm I wonder why?

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  2. It ‘s fairly straighforward to noodle this stuff out, structure it, attract interested parties and stakeholders, and start executing. I’ve done some of it in the past and can see it working here. But, it won’t even see discussion. Nobody wants to think this way, to solve problems for an “ecosystem” where they become sustainable and self funding through their success. Their eyes glaze over and they can’t wait to spring into inaction to make the sounds of practical innovation and service stop. Much easier to be AWOL, pass another tax increase, avoid paying down a few more loans. It will become another missed opportunity to make Bloomington/Normal a destination and a leader.

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  3. “Major contracts for the utilities, roadways and other infrastructure were let in March 2019. Substantial upgrades were made to the town water, sewage and electric systems for the project. In 2018, the Walker administration shifted up to $90 million in local road funding to road work related to the Foxconn factory. The state spent $252 million on widening a portion of I-94 from six to eight lanes in anticipation of the increased traffic generated by the project.

    The Wisconsin state legislature granted Foxconn special legal privileges within the Wisconsin judicial system. In June 2018, President Trump praised the plant, describing it as “the Eighth Wonder of the World” at the groundbreaking

    In January 2019, Foxconn said it was reconsidering its initial plans to manufacture LCD screens at the Wisconsin plant, citing high labor costs in the United States, and that it would hire mostly engineers and researchers, rather than manufacturing workforce. In February 2019, Bloomberg News reported that the plant was “unlikely to ever employ 13,000 workers.” In an interview in July 2019, Governor Tony Evers said that Foxconn told him the factory would open by May 2020, but would employ only 1,500 workers.”

    So the Trump administration made huge promises for the Fox Con industrial plant in Wisconsin claiming it would employ from 50,000 to 13,000 workers. Apparently Trump could make totally spurious claims about the manufacturing plant in Wisconsin and you give him a pass. Wisconsin threw more money and tax “give away” than Normal did with Rivian. But hey, you love Trump so what’s the problem.


    1. Obama spent $532 million of taxpayer money on failed Solyndra not to mention all the money to be wasted on the Green New Deal that is yet to come. Buy you like liberal politicians so we’ll hear nothing about that too. I’m against any of these handouts no matter who does them unless there are penalties written into the agreements for those receiving them.

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  4. You would think the “greenies” of Normal would be outraged that Rivian is taking 380 acres of prime farmland out of production in exchange for a greedy capitalist venture.

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  5. Uptown must be bending over backwards JUST to supply Rivian with water, as everyone in the upper right of the triangle on the above map is on WELL WATER, which is where Normal gets THEIR water. WHY can’t Rivian drill their OWN wells?? This stinks in so many respects, and I’m NOT talking of Chanel #5..


  6. I’ll be the first one to admit that it’s easier to offer criticism than solution, and sometimes that feels good for a little while but it does little to reduce or eliminate problems. I feel it’s also important to propose, debate, discuss and possibly shape concepts that in whole or part might make sense and get us at least a step closer to making things better. Who reads this post? Anyone from Normal government? Pam Reese? I never see any of them engage. Do the thoughts I offered above have any merit? Not that they have to. Maybe there are already conversation like this happening amongst “professional staff” but nobody knows. Ahhh nevermind. Sorry for the distraction. Got caught up in imagining for a moment that government works responsibly for the good of all of its citizens.

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  7. GOODBYE ILLINOIS: You SHOULD have been listening to WGLT this a.m. They had an “interesting” story about the local folks who go to DC and beg for $$$ to bring projects here. Since 2006, they have brought $50 million to the county. And NOW they already have their eyes on the EIP payments for various local projects, so to answer your question..
    Pay taxes, government has money, people who are SMARTER then us go after the money=problem solved.. So they don’t NEED you, just YOUR MONEY!!

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  8. This highlights the lack of transparency coming from Reese and her “professional staff”. Both citizens and the people we elect are fed B.S. How can those we elect make competent decisions when there is no full disclosure? Pam and Koos operate Normal more like a monarchy where they are the King and Queen. They control what information is shared. Normal’s council is merely a state-imposed obstacle to their monarchy, and in the Koos/Reese reality, should have no decision-making privileges. The council gives the appearance that there is a representative government. They are expected to shut-up and rubberstamp the Queen and King. They have trained everyone on the council magnificently, eventually, he will get Nord to stop asking questions and fall in line.

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  9. Appreciate the thoughts, thank you. 50 mil and nothing useful to show for it? Guess I stay the course and move to another state. Can’t make a difference here. Hell, none of the sheep vote anyway.


  10. Professional Staff is the unelected bureaucracy also known as the swamp. Pam is mistress of the swamp in Normal. They’ve instituted and imposed this “unprofessional staff” on us and made our elected officials irrelevant, and by extension they’ve made tax paying citizens irrelevant. This was all by design BTW. Remember government of the people, by the people, for the people?? Well we’re in their way. So what do they do? Spend our money without asking for our input. That is how much pam, koos, kathy, and the rest of these swamp creatures hate us.

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    1. You are absolutely correct, and Rivian has had the reek of rotting swamp wafting from it from the first day they ever came here, it’s no wonder the swamp creatures of the local area embraced them so warmly.


  11. I don’t think Pam is too worried about getting a new council. After all your county clerk purchased Dominion voting equipment so Pam’s not worried about the council flipping.

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  12. Of course, Reece and Koos knew about Rivian’s plans. They tried to ram through this project no questions asked to keep the heat off of Rivian and to adhere to their code of secrecy. (Are local elected officials still under NDA with Rivian, even though they took taxpayer dollars?) Rivian has Reece, Koos, and taxpayers by the short hairs. If you think the water project is only going to cost $5 million, you’re crazy. And, if you think this is the last taxpayer-funded request Rivian will make of the Town, you’re even crazier.

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