Picture this

By: Diane Benjamin

This map isn’t as crazy as it first appears:

When the Town of Normal runs new sewer lines they assess fees to the new area to recover those costs. All those shaded areas have been mapped to recover those costs. The fee per acre is printed for each.

This is the map the Town of Normal used to charge Stan Nord for fees they forgot to charge the owner 12 years before Stan bought it. The guy they didn’t charge was 3 owners before Stan.

Look at the large red circled area at the top of the map. The Town staff didn’t update the map, so the warehouse space off Kerrick road won’t be charged tap-on fees because of this fail. The blue striped area below it states the charge is $2195 per acre.

Look at the bottom of that circle and the extension north on the right side. That is Ironwood and the subdivision I hear Pam Reece lives in. Note there are no assessments listed for those areas. If tap-on fees were charged a refund is due. If no fees were charged the developer got a pass at paying them.

Also note the two circled areas on far right. Neither has an assessment on the map. Did they pay or get a pass too?

Keep in mind, what developers don’t pay the taxpayers do.

At the January 4, 2021 meeting the Kerrick road property final plat was approved. Below are the minutes from that meeting: https://www.normal.org/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/3870

If you still need a reason to vote against Preston, McCarthy, Cummings, and Koos – this is it. The developers weren’t charged tap-on fees because they aren’t designated on the map. Instead of asking why they weren’t on the map, the rest of the Council attacked Stan for asking the question.

Don’t miss the last paragraph.

Why is the Town running sewer lines to nowhere? Hope? A way to make citizens pay instead of developers?






9 thoughts on “Picture this

  1. Rivian has released a video saying they are seeking to purchase 380 acres of farmland west of the existing facility for expansion. So now you know the waterline additions are for Rivian and Rivian only. That’s “the future development” Pamela was talking about as anyone with a functioning brain could have figured out. Anything Normal does out there will be Rivian and no one else. They are staking the next thirty to forty years on one unproven car manufacturer.

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    1. Nice to know you read this blog. Building does not translate into long term success. Like I’ve always said, get back to me in five to ten years and we will see who is right and wrong. Easy to be confident about your future when using other people’s money. By the way, don’t hear much from Clark how the vehicles are going to be fixed, by whom and how much it is going to cost when something goes wrong. When you think of Rivian, think of Dolorean. You should see the promotion video when their truck almost tips over when three wheels are engaging the ground and it can’t get over a small boulder.

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  2. Yes, I contribute to this blog, and Diane’s journalism excels in thoroughly researching, explaining a position and supporting with facts. Some comments, however, are only opinions and most informed readers don’t give them much time. Having managed in the automotive manufacturing industry at the time of John DeLorean, and for 25+ years thereafter, I learned how to spell his company’s name. I’m enthused and impressed with Rivian’s progress and they are here now. Under the direction of a new Mayor, perhaps more residents will be pulling for their success in Normal and worldwide.

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    1. Sounds like you have it all figured out. Never mind Clark Kent hasn’t owned up to any commitment he’s ever made anywhere he’s been. Spending Amazon money is pretty easy for the time being. Hurry up and get on the bottom floor and make a big time stock purchase while it’s cheap and purchase two or three vehicles while you’re at it. Sounds like a hundred year winner. Sorry for doubting them. I’ll try to do better on my spelling test next week.


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