Koos’ Car

By: Diane Benjamin

The Town of Normal (taxpayers) own the vehicle Chris Koos drives:

Taxpayers also pay for the plates which could have been GOV plates for much less:


I am told Koos has Mayor vanity plates instead of government plates.

Use of a taxpayer owned vehicle amounts to additional compensation. So how much is he paying for use of the vehicle?

In 2020, $45.00 a month for a total of $540.

The vehicle is a 2012, without more FOIA requests I don’t know if the amount has always been $45 a month or if it’s less now. He is also paying $45.00 a month this year.

Without another FOIA I have no idea how much the Town pays for insurance too.

Without another FOIA I have no idea how much maintenance costs are: tires etc.

Is the Town still paying Jefferson Leasing? They are still listed as a lienholder on the title.

Since it’s an EV and the Town has free charging stations, taxpayers are also funding his “fuel”.

Obviously this is a perk Chris Koos gets from taxpayers. If he loses the April 6th election he will lose his perk. If he wins he will likely be driving a Rivian.

One more point:

Koos understands cheap transportation for himself. Connect Transit doesn’t. Koos’ handpicked Town of Normal representatives on the Connect Transit Board should model Koos instead of what they are doing now.

Do Normal taxpayers know they have been paying for EV electricity since at least 2013?







14 thoughts on “Koos’ Car

  1. Koos must pay the Town for his personal use of the Town’s vehicle, so much per mile! Of course, the vast percentage of the miles on the car are for personal use!

  2. WOW – Amazing!
    He has zero concern for his fiduciary duty to us lowly tax payers.

    From the story link above…
    “Normal has 50 charging stations, most of them available to the public at no expense”
    HAHAHA – it is worded as if there is “no expense”
    I think what he meant to say was the Normal Tax Payers will pay for your charging – and mine too!

  3. FREE STUFF for EVERYONE! That’s the KOOS way of looking at things.. TOTAL disregard for OUR tax money!

  4. Koos and Renner were hatched out of the same slimy reptile egg. I’m sure Koos is salivating at the chance of getting his taxpayer-funded Rivian – to compete with Tari’s pathetically transparent shiny-red midlife crisis mobile. Both snakes.

  5. I am tired of paying to increase Koos’ bike sales and other crap to pad his pocket. I hope Koos loses so he can see what it is like to pay for crap out of his own pocket. It would be interesting to know how much in “FREE” stuff he has accumulated on the backs of taxpayers. Since he is a true Illinois politician, I have no faith his corruption will be investigated.

  6. That is so weird. We have a Mitsubishi Dealership in Normal, but he went to Maryland for a lease. That is very odd. Also, why do EV drivers get “free” fuel at the taxpayers expense?

    1. It is free because Koos does not care who pays for it as long as it is not him or his uppitytown friends.

  7. Wow the mayor drives around in a 9-year-old Mitsubishi. The way people are carrying on here you’d think he was driving a new 2021 Porsche or Telsa

    1. You’ve missed the point entirely. Regardless of the vehicle, the taxpayers of Normal should not be footing the bill for his ride. IF he were a decent and honorable person, he would have insisted on buying his own vehicle. But, he is not, so…

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