Normal Buying Luxury Vehicles that Koos says Aren’t

By: Diane Benjamin The entire meeting of the Normal Town Council video is 1:12:08. The discussion about buying two Rivian vehicles started at 14:40 and didn’t end until 1:02:58 with a vote of 4-3. Kevin McCarthy pulled the purchase from the Omnibus Agenda so he could bloviate. He claimed Rivian has paid the town $2 […]

Koos’ Car

By: Diane Benjamin The Town of Normal (taxpayers) own the vehicle Chris Koos drives: Taxpayers also pay for the plates which could have been GOV plates for much less: I am told Koos has Mayor vanity plates instead of government plates. Use of a taxpayer owned vehicle amounts to additional compensation. So how much […]

EV Town a bust – at taxpayer expense

Government keeps trying to create demand for electric cars.  People aren’t buying.  Chris Koos is putting in charging stations at taxpayer expense so he can give away free electricity.  Great plan. Aug. 6, 2013, 2:55 p.m. EDT GM Volt zapped in electric-car price war General Motors cuts 2014 sticker price by $5,000 By Jeff Bennett […]