Open Season on Police

By: Diane Benjamin


Alderman Jenn Carrillo wanted a “discussion” on defunding the police at the last Council meeting while presenting no evidence other than it’s trendy. Carrillo obviously hasn’t seen the crime statistics in cities that have taken money from the police. You can see here:

Other far left groups in Bloomington are conducting a survey to determine what citizens want in their next police chief:

Do the survey, the local socialists can’t be the only voices heard.

The County Justice Committee was going to consider a resolution to counter the Illinois Police and Criminal Justice Reform Bill. It was pulled but will likely be brought back. The same groups doing the survey above objected to the resolution that supported Qualified Immunity for officers.

You can see the resolution on PDF page 61:

If you don’t understand Qualified Immunity, see this story:

If you had a job that did not protect you from frivolous lawsuits, would you stay doing that job? Illinois won’t have to defund the police. Carrillo types just create laws making it too difficult to be a policeman in Illinois.

Jenn Carrillo’s People First Coalition obvious has nothing to do with People First. Public Safety is what we expect the police to do. Carrillo obviously opposes safety or she isn’t smart enough to know she is making people less safe.

Carrillo and the leftist groups wanting to turn the police into purring kittens aren’t addressing the real problems. Most people are capable of policing themselves, a small minority aren’t.

Not In Our Town, Black Lives Matter, PSCRB, and their associates need to educate those who commit crimes instead of those trying to protect the rest of us from criminals.

In case you forgot, this is what Jenn Carrillo supported last summer. This is what you will get if Jackie Gunderson, Patrick Lawler, Kelby Cumpston, and Willie Halbert are elected: (More information: )

21 thoughts on “Open Season on Police

  1. Defunding the police, along with a push to keep police away from illegals, together leads one to the logical conclusion that Jenn might very well be involved in enabling and/or covering up criminal activity involving illegals.

    1. Ideology supersedes laws, truth, the constitution, civil discourse, fairness, justice, equal protection, a workable society….

  2. AGAIN the left is leading with ideology, not common sense.
    Their ideas DO NOT address the root cause of the problem. EVERY TIME this happens the problem gets worse. The list of their wrong thinking and resulting bad outcomes gets longer.
    WAKE UP!

    1. I believe it boils down to this –
      Leftists (Social Warriors?) or whatever they like to call themselves, look at a problem from this standpoint –

      How can I, (me, mine), gain power from this situation? In coming up with a solution they factor in – How can I USE this problem to protect and advance MY cause, MY ideology, MY standing, MY power, MY control? And how can I diminish the people that stand in my way?

      All opposition must be diminished because their solutions are worthless and everyone (including themselves) know it. So when you know your solutions don’t/haven’t/won’t work and when other people have better solutions, your only option is to diminish the people that disagree with you.

      Thus they are – racist, white supremacist, uncaring, spreading misinformation, cultists, MUST BE CENSORED.

  3. Fewer or no police = citizens more responsible for their own safety. Is that really what they want, I wonder?

  4. I back the blue. Not sure about the motives of UNIONIZED cops tho – seems like too hard to fire and too much incest on the hiring. Things get tough out there and union cops can just go fetal and keep getting that check. Tough being on the street these days and even tougher when your elected officials will throw you under the bus just to be popular at the Chamber Happy Hour.

  5. My opinion comes from a cynical and what I believe to be a sad but realistic view of being born and raised here. My wife and I have become so disgusted with everything we will be leaving as soon as we can get rid of our house and find one elsewhere in another more conservative state. Our ball is already rolling. BN is basically cooked and finished. Eventually, political radicals will gain total control of both communities and the county and turn it into an unlivable hellhole. This has been allowed to happen due to a change in demographics helped along by State Farm and higher education among others and community apathy in all things that does not involve entertainment or personal amusement. The people that Dianne features in the above story are Marxist radicals who have been allowed to seize power because of two mayors that have yet to be able to come to terms with their own personal demons. Both have partnered up with like individuals who are ” getting back” at a society that they feel wronged them somewhere along the way. The only thing all of them know is that they hate America for a variety of reasons and are dedicating their lives to reshape it in their own image. It is really no more complicated than that. If they can’t be happy, they want to be sure that you and I never will or any of your descendents. What is going on in our local schools will ensure that like-minded people like them will allow them to rule in perpetuity. It has all been planned for a long time in the bowels of big city political organizaning and is now filtering to smaller mid-sized communities. BN was a perfect target because of its colleges and universities and its geographic location to Chicago and St. Louis where such garbage as been front and center for decades. Once local leadership decided it was going to open its doors to the unskilled, uneducated and easily influenced it was the beginning of the end. From time to time there may be a two or four year respite from the madness but by-and-large BN is and will be a place for society’s rejects to land and rule along with the rest of Illinois. I truly feel sorry for those that cannot escape. Keep your powder dry for this summer. You all are going to need it.

    1. @MPeabody –
      We would leave too but for our many family ties here.

      The glue that binds a community or a society together is trust. That glue is disappearing here. We are moving to a point where it is more and more uncomfortable in many ways to remain. I’m sure this brings them much joy.

      I wish you the best in your new home.

      1. Thank you. I totally understand but my children are now elsewhere (thank God) in places where they have a chance to succeed without playing the local name game. At this point in my life, I can only see bad things happening here forever. Most people used to care about this being a respectable community. They no longer do. It’s more hooray for me and to hell with you than I have ever seen in my sixty plus years. I want to live what I have left and not exist and be able to speak my mind without my family suffering for it. I hope someday you too can escape and live among common sense people who are still proud of their country.

    2. I moved here from one of the most conservative states in the US. As corrupt os Illinois is, BloNo is infinitely better than where I previously lived. For starters, the roads are paved (where I used to live we drove on chiped rock that was glued together), there is also a fire department (where I used to live there was no fire department), there are checks and balances on liberal teachers, and my taxes are far lower here.

  6. Your claim of high crime rates are only in Democratic run cities belies the statistic of places like Miami. The metropolitan area’s violent crime rate was higher than the national rate in 2018. Its rate of property crime was higher than the national rate. Miami has a Republican mayor and Florida has a Republican governor. Tulsa and Oklahoma City both have violent crime rates that are very high– 1040.83 violent crimes per million residents in Tulsa and 787.34 violent crimes per million residents in OK City, higher than violent crime rates in New York (538.90 violent crimes per million residents) and San Francisco (715.0 violent crimes per million residents). Tulsa mayor G.T. Byrum and OK City mayor David Holt are Republicans.So do Omaha and Fresno, which also have Republican mayors. Their property crime rates are significantly higher than Chicago’s, Dallas’, or Los Angeles’, all of which have Democratic mayors.

    “Carrillo and the leftist groups wanting to turn the police into purring kittens aren’t addressing the real problems. Most people are capable of policing themselves, a small minority aren’t.”

    So it’s only “those” people who need policing? Yeah right. Nothing like a dog whistle.

    1. @ Wild Cactus,
      Crime rates are up. And the problem is the police? The solution is to cut their budgets? Might there be unintended consequences from doing that? The facts say yes, absolutely.

  7. @MPeabody,
    I couldn’t live with myself If I left my children and grandchildren here. Not just because I would miss them but because I couldn’t leave them along here with the wolves.

  8. Take away the police and what do you have? Why Portland of course. If that is what you want support Jen! If not VOTE THE IDIOT OUT! It as simple as that.

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