People 1st Coalition goes up in FLAMES

By: Diane Benjamin

Jenn Carrillo showed at the Bloomington Council meeting last night what a Council with her buddies on it would look like.

Readers: The media isn’t going to tell citizens the truth or make much effort to get people to vote. You have to! The majority of the City does not even know there is an election on April 6th.

Early voting:

Vote by mail:

Sample ballot will be available here:

Side note: MANY people emailed and texted me last night wondering if Mayor Renner was drunk. Mayor? Watch the video yourself to see. Hit play to hear Jenn’s diatribe and watch Tari.

Jenn wondered why no discussions have taken place about defunding the police. Her buddies love to follow whatever the trend is (Welcoming City, Indigenous People’s Day, Juneteenth). Most citizens know the police is the only thing standing between them and anarchy in their neighborhood. Defunding the police is just the latest fad for socialists, Minneapolis found it didn’t go well. Do some research Jenn. Other cities have greatly elevated crime rates because of cuts to police budgets.

The consensus of the Council was 1) the budget is close to done. It is too late for major changes. 2) Public Safety takes precedence over Jenn’s dreams. 3) Mboka mentioned the police handled over 55,000 calls, a month and a half doesn’t provide enough time to discuss major changes in Bloomington. What happened in other places doesn’t necessarily conflate. 4) Tari woke up enough to state some facts at 1:45:00 and say he would veto a budget that made cuts. (He couldn’t keep the aldermen’s turns straight before or after however).

Mollie Ward and Julie Emig want to have a conversation at some point. Sorry Ward 7, you have no good choices. (Ward or Cumpston)

Joni Painter stated her Ward has seen 6 murders in the last several years including one last weekend. She said minorities want more policing, not less. They do want respect however. Jenn’s buddy Patrick Lawler thinks he can win her seat, she isn’t running again.

Donna Boelen stated she had conversations with the last police chief and the interim chief. The Police Department is currently short staffed according to the population. She said there aren’t officers to cut.

The police budget is currently 12% of the total. They are an essential service citizens expect to pay for. If Jenn’s buddies are elected you can forget about calling 911. Nobody will be answering.

Kim Bray 1:57:30. Carrillo tried to stop Bray from speaking. Kim was stating the role of aldermen and inappropriate comments by Carrillo. Tari then cut Bray off. I hope the next mayor doesn’t believe discussions have a set amount of time, before Tari they didn’t.

Jeff Crabill was MIA, Ward 8 wasn’t represented last night.

20 thoughts on “People 1st Coalition goes up in FLAMES

  1. Again, Tari tells an unnecessary lie at the beginning of the meeting. “Trouble getting on.”
    (Just like the paramedics rescuing him from his driveway for a phony sciatic attack. Pathetic.)
    Drunk? Hmmmm. His behavior and symptoms strangely remind me of something else… I don’t know… like someone with a condition that starts with a “k” and ends with a “u.” The name escapes me at the moment.
    I met someone who had it once. One contracts it by engaging in certain behavior; can’t remember exactly what. I do remember that some classic symptoms are difficulty walking (“sciatic attack”?); slurred speech; poor coordination; moodiness and behavioral changes; dementia; muscle twitching and tremors; inability to grasp objects; random, compulsive laughing or crying.
    I know, how ridiculous, I’m not a doctor. Just trying to figure out what’s wrong with him as we will never get the truth from the source.

  2. Anybody know how 1 people’s campaign relates to Jenn’s coalition if at all. Got an unsolicited call from Ryan wanting to know if I was going to participate in upcoming Bloomington election and to give him a call if I would like to dicuss this. Don’t live in Bloomington so it must be random and desperate. Otherwise it looks like people are tired of Jenn, even Tari cut her off.

      1. Aw, same old swamp dwellers different label. I guess if you name each group differently it appears you have a broader base than you really have. Looks like they are not coming close to targeted goals on signup sheet. Saw the name Sonny Garcia and knew at once this was a group of garbage one should avoid.

      2. Seeing that they are planning to “knock on doors” reminds me of the old Monty Python cartoon skit with Stalin, Mao, and Nitika K. going door to door “selling Communist revolutions”.

    1. Jenn’s coalition is the political arm of One Peoples Action. She is the Senior Campaign manager. One Peoples Action are responsible for Jenn’s and Julie’s election to Council

    2. One People’s Campaign, Illinois People’s Action, Democratic Socialists of America and Socialists Internationale are all interconnected. The snake in the grass you will never see or hear from is a guy named Don Carlson who uses fools such as Crabill, Garcia, Carrillo and other yet to be unmasked young commies in training to do his dirty work. They are part a wide-ranging community organizing project based out of Chicago that had its historical start with Back of the Yards in Chicago. It has always been about collapsing the capitalist system in America by using social justice as a front. Obama is one of many that started their political and social justice careers with the help of this dirty money they get through intimidation, lawsuits and blackmail. It’s quite the organized crime organization.

  3. Obviously Carrillo wants to punish all police and specifically Bloomington police for the actions of the Minneapolis police.
    She needs Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Really. Read down the list of faulty thinking to see how it applies. Not just her though. I think its an inherent leftist/socialist trait and a sign of our times. A whole generation needs behavioral therapy.

    1. Black and White Thinking – seeing things in extreme terms.
    2. Shoulding – The way we want things is the way they should be.
    3. Over-generalization – believing that one instance applies to every situation
    4. Catastrophizing – thinking a situation is much worse than it is.
    5. Discounting the positive – Minimizing evidence that contradicts one’s negative automatic thoughts. (Jenn calls Boelen’s reporting of police staffing facts “mental gymnastics”)
    6. Emotional Reasoning – Assuming our feelings convey useful information
    7. Fortune Telling – Making predictions based on scant information
    8. Personalization – its about us
    9. Entitlement – expecting a certain outcome because of our actions
    10. Outsourcing Happiness –
    11. False sense of helplessness –
    12. False sense of responsibility – Believing we have more power than we do.

  4. Jeff Crabill was out walking door to door in Ward 3, telling people Willie Halbert Horton was Conservative and supported law enforcement. By. Any. Means. Necessary. Play on Crabill, your re-election is coming up next and this time Ward 8 is not going to let Connie Beard and Josh Brenett screw it up. #1termWonder

      1. Connie Beard is no different than having the high school educated Julie Dobski as leader of the McLean County Republican Party. Always has to have their hands on everything with little to no knowledge what board or organization they are attempting to oversee and guide. They have no idea who are their friends and enemies are and wind up breaking bread with people who want to undermine them. It is why BN never has and never will realize its full potential.

  5. SEALAB2021 you could not be more correct,Crabill will be a one term wonder I live in ward 8 and I had him figured out early he did not get my vote. What an embarrassment to our area another example of those that don’t bother to vote in a local election or those that don’t check the back round of those running. An attorney for state farm? Makes you want to go out get a policy with state farm ,not!

    1. Jeff Crabill ran unopposed and only received 75% of the vote. He ran as a conservative, business friendly candidate.

  6. He was unopposed because his opponent running against him was one week short of living in the area long enough to qualify but I believe he was still on the ballot. Unfortunately he did not receive more votes than crabill as it was you are right I forgot that he was unopposed

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