Chemberly Cummings on Rivian (must see)

By: Diane Benjamin

h/t to a reader!

February 19, 2018

This item was on the agenda:

The clip below shows Chemberly Cummings claiming:

  • it isn’t an easy decision for her
  • things like this keep me up at night
  • too many unknows with this company
  • everything seems so convoluted and secretive
  • I want it known there are concerns for me about Rivian
  • “I’m just so nervous that we’ll be an episode of American Greed one day with this type of deal”.

Keep in mind Chris Koos is using Marc Tiritilli’s concern for Unit 5 property tax revenue in attack ads about Rivian. Hypocrisy runs deep for Koos as statements Cummings made are buried. That means you need to hear them.

See the entire video here, her comments are around 45:00

18 thoughts on “Chemberly Cummings on Rivian (must see)

  1. Koos was counting on the first black woman ever on the Normal Town Council not running, so he recruited AJ Zimmerman to fill her place. But when the Royal Fortress pulled it together at the last minute, he had no choice but to support her. He isn’t going after her because of the BLM crowd and the me too movement. He can’t afford to loose their support. Sorry, Scott Preston, but you got screwed with the endorsements. Bill Caisley doesn’t help your cause.

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  2. Is Ms. Cummings having a waking up moment? If so, this bodes well, but they will pull her aside, I’m sure, and reprogram her so she doesn’t wander away from the herd. She is spot on with her assessment of Rivian.


      1. Oh, I didn’t catch that, I was a little confused by the fact they were actually sitting there without face diapers on. So, they obviously did pull her aside and tell her she needs to stay with the herd if she wants to be one of the cool kids.

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  3. Chemberly’s Facebook page is full of praise for Rivian. Maybe someone should remind her of her 2018 comments and how hypocritical she is to criticize Stan and Marc for their skepticism towards Rivian.

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    1. She’d just say that after examining the facts and seeing how wonderful Rivian really is she has evolved. She was right in 2018.


  4. Rivian sycophants will be happy to learn that Biden will appropriate $174 billion towards “winning the electrical vehicle market” . He is also devoting $16 billion to “plug” oil and gas wells in the likely hope of shutting down anything that may run on fossil fuels. In case anyone hasn’t figured it out Rivian is part of “Government Motors”. Have a nice day.

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  5. So the Tesla litigation against Rivian is going forward. And still not a single vehicle to be seen. And the company is still run by a useful idiot front man with a blank work resume (reminiscent of Mark Zuckerberg, the wunderkind who can’t write a line of code). And the company is still capitalized heavily by dubious sources. Something tells me Rivian’s main purpose is NOT producing low-demand BS vehicles.


  6. What are you even talking about?! How have you not seen a vehicle? There are quite literally hundreds of them on the streets and in testing? What will it take for you to admit you have no idea what you’re talking about? The demand is DEFINITELY not low…


      1. If you don’t know there are hundreds of vehicles in Normal then you’re not really paying attention. This site is full of people who have absolutely no idea what’s going on with Rivian but love to blast them because of a tax break they DIDN’T TAKE. 1,000 full time Rivian jobs, thousands more contractors, the lowest pay job through Rivian is $20 an hour right now yet you try to rip on the CEO by calling him Clark Kent?!? That’s a compliment… lol Their preorder revenue alone would make them one of the top 10 revenue companies in this area and that’s only $1000/vehicle. If you’re mad the vehicles are too expensive… then you’re NOT THEIR MARKET.

        Honestly…. what will it take for you all to admit you were/are wrong about this?


  7. So, if production begins and sales go as advertised you’ll post a story to rebuke all of your absurd negative comments about RJ and the rest of the company or you’ll pick the goalposts up and take them home with you?


      1. Where do you think all of the vehicles in California have been manufactured? If you want to know info about the company search it instead of making terrible assumptions about the most important thing happening in our community… and maybe even our state. The positives this company has brought this area already is enough to have changed the financial landscape and future of the twin cities for the better. Sell your house today for 20% more than you could 2 years ago and hand write RJ a thank you note.


    1. What?! Obviously a Koos disciple…and drawing on some of that Rivian capital from Saudi Arabia like Koos and Reece. Yummy yummy money money. It obviously makes a difference to the community at large WHAT KIND of businesses settle here, their cultures, and most important the kinds of people they draw into the area to live. Everything about Rivian is shady. EVERYTHING. But please put your blinders on and get that $20 an hour since that’s your end-all. And BTW, “RJ” doesn’t run diddly squat. He didn’t invent electric vehicles and he does exactly what the people fronting the money tell him to do. You’re a rube if you think otherwise.


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