Local BLM endorsements

By: Diane Benjamin

First, you need to review what the Local Black Lives Matter group wants:

Who are they endorsing, supposedly because a survey they filled out?

I wonder if Chris Koos watching Target get looted had anything to do with their decision?

Cities that have cut funding to their police departments have seen astronomical increases in violent crime.

Want the same for Bloomington and Normal?

Vote April 6th, drag your neighbors with you!

6 thoughts on “Local BLM endorsements

  1. https://www.census.gov/quickfacts/fact/table/mcleancountyillinois/POP010210

    That link says 83.7% of McLean county was white alone in 2010. I’m not sure what position they think they are in to demand things or call on people to do what they want. If they truly love democracy as much as they say they do, then majority rules. I’m sorry (not really) for inconvenient facts.

    Also, racist people demanding racist policies. Or how about black supremacists wanting black supremacy? BLM or KKK, there’s no difference to me, except for the skin color.

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  2. Koos, Carillo & Craybill…3 peas in a BLM pod. If these people are re-elected public safety will suffer. Our community be more welcoming to looters and lawbreakers. Thanks for showing us their endorsements.

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  3. Strange feeling just now! The graphics, lettering layout and coloring along with the “demands” remind me of posters I saw in Eastern Europe for Communist party elections.. Thought I was BACK in the U.S.A.?


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