Carrillo’s long term goals for you

By: Diane Benjamin

Keep in mind Jenn Carrillo is the campaign manager for the People 1st Coalition:

These four people believe the same things she does or she wouldn’t be running their campaigns:

What do they believe?

Start here. When Jenn ran for City Council she had a campaign treasurer named Zachary Kirkton:

Who is Zachary Kirkton?

Zachary is associated with National People’s Action. These people create new names for their campaigns as necessary and hope you don’t connect the dots. In 2013 this website was published by Kirkton:

This is Jenn Carrillo’s playbook, it is also un-American. The Marxists (they aren’t socialists) aren’t afraid to say on a website exactly where they want to take the country, including Bloomington.

The short list in their own words:

  • Public control of the economy
  • Immigration reform
  • Corporations for the Common Good
  • Racial justice
  • Democratic control of capital
  • Real Democracy

This slide is part of the presentation, see if it sounds familiar. If you get news from reputable sources it will.

These four people are not running to make Bloomington better. They want power to recreate Bloomington. Economic Development won’t be necessary, no company will want to locate in Bloomington where government will tell them how to operate. If you dial 911 nobody will answer either after funding is cut. Chaos increases their power.

Vote April 6th!

7 thoughts on “Carrillo’s long term goals for you

  1. Their goals. Obvious flimflam
    Same day registration – Why?
    Instant runoff voting – Why?
    Public financing of elections – Why?
    Early Voting – Why?
    Redistricting based on Equity – What?
    challenge corporate democrats – that’s all democrats.
    End racial disparities in voting – What?
    Enact constitutional right to vote – Explain.
    End felony disenfranchisement – Why?
    Universal Green card voting – Why?

      1. Yes but they need to explain their definitions and purposes. I’ve seen a number of these social warriors crumble when someone has the audacity to ask a simple question. Mainly because the warriors only know the latest PC terminology, not what it means, what its ramifications are, if their claims are actually true.

        They get this eye rolling, OMG look on their faces and then flub about for a bit and then come out with a totally incoherent and nonsensical answer or they change the subject.

        For too long they’ve been getting away with just throwing out an impressive sounding PC term and then watch while their debater melted, too afraid to ask what they are talking about. Too afraid that they would look foolish being non-PC.

        These people are fakes. Fakes need to be confronted.

    1. Why? Why was your comment deleted? Start your own blog, here you don’t get to spout the left’s version of the truth. Anybody can hear that daily on most media.

  2. Oh that barely scratches the surface. I’ve been following all these radical Marxists for awhile, and I have a lot more dirt than that on Kirkton. HE’s a “trans female”, for one.

  3. Democratic CONTROL of CAPITAL!
    REAL Democracy!
    Well put Jenn, but DON’T let the bulb on your freezer door burn out, as it’s the only “bulb” you have left.

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