The lawsuit against Rivian you probably don’t know about


Tesla Inc. can move forward with a lawsuit claiming that Rivian Automotive Inc. stole its trade secrets with the help of former employees of the electric carmaker.

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6 thoughts on “The lawsuit against Rivian you probably don’t know about

  1. Oh my. As I mentioned before, the proposed expansion of Rivian was just smoke and mirrors to make everyone think bringing them here was good for the economy. If Tesla wins we may just have another empty car factory.

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    1. This lawsuit was filed months ago and has been working its way through the court system. Rivian probably has another suit waiting for them in the near future. Reports among the EV community claim they have copied Tesla’s charging station system almost identically. Who knows what other intellectual properties they have played loose and fancy free with?

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  2. Koos hitched his entire campaign wagon to Rivian. Anyone involved with Koos likely shares his ideals of lie, cheat, steal and get taxpayer handouts.

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    1. Clark Kent has lied about his commitments and plans in just about every state he ever checked out. He promised to build plants in Florida, Michigan and California and who knows where else. He has already downsized his Michigan R & D operation according to EV news sources. Who knows what he is really doing in Cali and if he has over-promised there. The guy might be a great engineer but he is less than truthful and changes his stories often. I saw him make two presentations to the Normal Council and he changed his story on numerous promises from the first appearance to the second on cost of product, production, costs and employment numbers. Of course, the council had no problem on any of it.


    2. Add to that green energy. I think he’s trying to recreate Normal, particularly Uptown into a Green Utopia. When the COVID money comes flowing into Uptown, he’ll make green new deal initiatives a prerequisite. In that sense I really don’t think he cares if businesses succeed or fail in his precious Uptown. It’s all about him recreating it in his image and being mayor of Green City USA. It’s what he and his people mean by “forward thinking.”

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  3. KEEP building that water pipeline, SOME DAY some one out there will NEED that water-About when Continental drift makes Illinois the Gobi desert.


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