Chris Koos thinks he’s running against Trump

By: Diane Benjamin Evidently Koos is just another leftist attempting to re-write history. Record low unemployment and rising wages especially for lower wage workers went right over his head. He claims in this campaign flyer McLean County barely survived Trump:

Proof democrats hate prosperity?
Koos will do anything to not run on HIS record of debt, friends and family plan sweetheart deals, tax and fee increases, and crappy roads. If McLean County barely survived it has much more to do with living a corrupt blue state run by morons. Send this one packing April 6th!

Marc Tiritilli like Trump?

Koos should do standup comedy when he’s kicked out.

If you haven’t met Marc, today is the day:

17 thoughts on “Chris Koos thinks he’s running against Trump

  1. Koos is using the same kind of campaigning got us:
    Good Ole,
    hide in the basement,
    open the borders,
    censor the press,
    trip up the stairs,
    tax us to death,
    where am I and what do you want me to say,
    Joe Biden.

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  2. TDS is a terrible affliction. I have seen it destroy people who were once at least 1/2 way decent/normal. What it does to the already unbalanced is simply tragic. I feel zero sympathy for these people though. You can’t fix them, but you CAN not allow them to hold positions of power. The can’t justify their wild claims, they usually just put up a menacing picture of Trump and SAY that he destroyed or ruined something, of that they somehow barely survived, they can’t say how but they have been led to believe that all they have to do is SAY it and it’s reality. I have also found them to be VERY child-like in a LOT of ways, not just in their belief that their fantasies are real.

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    1. Well said Ronin,
      The fact that he is using this tactic says,
      1. I can’t run on my own merits and win.
      2. I will only consider like minded people worthy of any effort on my part for their care and attention.
      3. The people that I do care for are simpletons.

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      1. Ronin, I don’t want to get into the weeds but they have a very simple social morality. They are not necessarily simple in their intelligence. They can be led so easily because you only have to satisfy 1/3rd of the known social moralities to get them to follow you. Much like a dog’s reaction to “SQUIRREL!”

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  3. And this campaign literature is from “Responsible Cities?” Can’t have it both ways…”Blo/No has been protected from the downturn in Illinois. Blo/No unemployment is lower than the State.” Sounds like forked tongue to me.

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  4. Koos hates Republicans…I wonder if any of his endorsements will back away from him or if they have TDS too.

    What say you Responsible Cities, Black Lives Matter, BN Realtors, McLean County Chamber, BN Unions…do you hate everyone who ever supported Trump too?

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  5. I suppose Koos blames Trump for the 16 years of Koos’s failures before Trump even took office.

    So it is Trumps fault, not Koos’ that Normal has;
    -$90M of debt
    -Shit roads
    -Brown water

    I have no idea how people fall for Koos’ logic, but I am sure our fine Republican council bobble heads Lorenz and Preston will explain it to us.

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  6. As always Koos is deceiving to achieve. Marc does not behave like Trump (Although I like Trump) and if I lived in Normal I would be voting for Marc. The uninformed and indoctrinated see Trump as a symbol of white supremacy and misogyny. How many indoctrinated college students are going to see this and automatically vote Koos…one of the worst criminals I’ve ever looked into the eyes of.

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  7. All of the council incumbents have said Trump is the root of all evil. We can’t re-elect these people or Koos’ hand picked replacements. Vote Tiritilli – mayor.

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  8. Translation: he needs the socialists and/or students to come out and vote for him. Wonder if he’s woke enough for the Carillo Crew.

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  9. Hope ya all got some good poll watchers and whatever title it is that watches the counting process in place. If ya all think McLean County is immune from cheating, I’ve got shares in the Golden Gate bridge to sell ya.

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