People running for office who won’t represent everyone – on purpose

By: Diane Benjamin

The candidates below have refused or ignored invitations to appear on Cities 92.9 radio. That means they don’t want to discuss issues with those who lean right and aren’t interested in earning your vote. Maybe they know their policies can’t be defended.

Chris Koos – Normal Mayor

Jackie Gunderson – Bloomington Mayor

Patrick Lawler – Bloomington Ward 5

Mollie Ward – Bloomington Ward 7

Kelby Cumpston – Bloomington Ward 7

Kevin McCarthy – Normal Trustee

A.J. Zimmerman – Normal Trustee

The ones that did appear can be heard either here:

or here with fill-in host Darin Bradley:

Local politics is now only about how many people you can get to vote. Since few bother, those who have no problem taxing you to death or defunding the police can easily be elected.

2 years ago in Normal only 13.32% of registered voters bothered to vote:

4 years ago only 18.32% bothered:

This election is where Koos only defeated Tiritilli by 11 votes.

2 years ago in Bloomington only 9.42% of registered voters bothered to vote:

4 years ago only 21.69% bothered:

Local elected officials can destroy you much faster than state or national. This election guarantees your destruction for not voting – and not dragging at least 5 other people with you. It shouldn’t be tough to find those who don’t even know there is an election April 6th and take them with you.

Your vote does matter April 6th,

so does the vote of those who don’t bother.

10 thoughts on “People running for office who won’t represent everyone – on purpose

  1. How disturbing and telling is it that we have many politicians nation-wide and including here that feel it is acceptable to represent only some of their constituents. The very thing that they rail against is the thing they are becoming.

    If you know anything about history, specifically communism, marxism and maoism, this is EXACTLY how real and violent class warfare is started. The quest for power can blind people.

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    1. They know exactly what they are doing. As the commercial says, they’re not here to participate they are here to take over. They actually go to seminars to learn how to stir up trouble, how to dupe the electorate and how to remain in power once they obtain it. Thinking these people are running for office to make lives better is a cruel joke on anyone that votes for them.

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  2. This is the end result of advocating for some without consideration for the rest. Illinois/Chicago follows the west coast and McLean county is following right behind them.
    Who knew this would happen, when they voted in their representatives? You can tell that the guy Lawrence Jones was interviewing probably voted for the leftist ideologs that did this to Seattle.

    These people don’t consider unintended consequences. They are hell-bent on proving how wonderful they are.

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    1. They know their policies don’t work even when they advocate for them and try to sell them to a naive electorate. They hate the way things are because most are life’s losers. They need company in their misery. If they can’t be happy, no one else should be happy either. They get off on destruction and “getting even”. Their goal is a world where misery is equally distributed.

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  3. With limited exception, the overwhelming majority of those running for and holding office in BN have accomplished nothing in their professional lives. To the extent they have accomplished anything, it’s usually because of or depends upon ties to government and/or your tax dollars. Many too are self-loathing and have no problem telling everyone what they’re doing wrong and how “unfair” life is, yet have no vision for the future of the community other than more government centrally planned “quality of life” and grant-funded projects.


  4. Soon racist communists may be running Bloomington. They are not running because they want to fix the potholes. They are running because they want you to live according to their ideology. They should start each council meeting with the old Soviet national anthem.

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  5. The only mayoral forum Jackie attended was WGLT where she read the pre-scripted answers to questions submitted by One People’s Action members. She doesn’t seem to be able to think for herself and is poorly informed.

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  6. Mary “Mollie” Ward and Kelby Cumpston are the only two people who are running for Bloomington Ward 7.
    So it seems as though the folks who live in Bloomington Ward 7 do not have a good candidate on the ballot.


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