Normal Police Sued and THEY DESERVE IT

By: Diane Benjamin Remember this story? Normal Police man-handled an 18 year old ISU student in an attempt to grab her phone after she voluntarily came to the the station after a fire in her apartment building. An attempt to get a warrant to search her phone was denied by a judge because they […]

Breaking: Normal Electoral Board Folds without notice

By: Diane Benjamin Chris Koos and company must think the three candidates that filed for offices required to be elected in Incorporated Towns will just disappear if they are ignored. Koos is WRONG Without a meeting or even a notice on their website, the Electoral Board decided they won’t hear any further testimony for the […]

The lawsuit against Rivian you probably don’t know about

​ Tesla Inc. can move forward with a lawsuit claiming that Rivian Automotive Inc. stole its trade secrets with the help of former employees of the electric carmaker. Read the rest yourself!

Equal justice under the law?

By: Diane Benjamin No, this has nothing to do with the election. It does have to do with Judge William Yoder. None of the news stories pertaining to the former Normal Police Officer who admitted stealing $12,000 said who the judge was. The only way I know is from a WGLT picture: How can […]

FOIA lawsuit filed against U of I for hiding sexual assault allegations

By:  Diane Benjamin See the lawsuit here:  VerifiedComplaint The lawsuit was filed by a former Board of Trustees member and current graduate student – John Bambenek.  As stated in the lawsuit, he is also a recognized expert in digital forensics and computer crime investigations. Excerpts: The lawsuit goes into great detail with the history of […]

Feel sorry for Fazzini?

By:  Diane Benjamin I’ve known for quite awhile that for Bloomington Alderman Rob Fazzini had sued people involved with the Cornbelters.  Since I was at the courthouse yesterday I decided to pull the court documents. If you ever want to see a file, get the Case Number from Public Access ( ), then go to the […]

College Free Speech Lawsuit

By:  Diane Benjamin I just found a story proving people are tired of University tactics to silence free speech.  A lawsuit was filed against the University of Michigan Tuesday: The lawsuit, filed by the nonprofit civil rights group Speech First, alleges that the university’s apparatus to investigate incidents reported as bias and enforce disciplinary measures creates […]

Normal: Investigated and sued

By:  Diane Benjamin The Attorney General’s Public Access office is investigating the Town of Normal for a meeting they held on January 18th.  No agenda was posted for this meeting.  That is a violation of the Open Meetings Act because the public was not notified this meeting was going to take place. The only information […]

More Partying emails

By:  Diane Benjamin I wonder if the City thought I wouldn’t read the massive amount of emails they sent me.  Well, I did.  I filed one more FOIA request today for the pictures they posted on the City’s Intranet.  Correction:  EAC stands for Employee Activities Committee.  If the City is short on employees, ending this […]

Next Lawsuit

By:  Diane Benjamin Freedom of Information lawsuits are very easy to win.  Documents belong to the people, not government.  When government refuses to hand over complete information without explanation, they lose every time. The “extremely transparent” City of Bloomington is not producing the information I requested.  This FOIA request clearly shows TIF dollars are nothing […]

Lunch with people who sue: Renner

By:  Diane Benjamin When the last Downtown Bloomington TIF ended, I hear David Bentley wasn’t happy with the money he got to rehab the CII East Building.  He sued the City in 2014. See the 2014 TIF report here: Since the TIF was pretty much over, expenses for legal fees were all that is […]

Bloomington finally gets it

By:  Diane Benjamin Scrolling through the documentation for tonight’s Bloomington City Council meeting, I found this on Page 47: This section is included on a contract to purchase water purification chemicals.  Yes, the Freedom of Information law applies to contractors! My lawsuit against the City was based on this statement. The City is now […]

Is Hales Complicit? Coliseum

By:  Diane Benjamin On August 31st I posted the Coliseum timeline to show how long I have been trying to bring problems at the Coliseum to the City’s attention. Today I found another piece to the puzzle that I had forgotten. The City Council meeting where hockey was changed from professional to junior was […]

Coliseum: the timeline

By:  Diane Benjamin Last week I posted a story about documents I received showing concessions sales at the Coliseum from 2013 – 2015. I never would have received them if I hadn’t filed a lawsuit in 2015.  The City of Bloomington did not suddenly discover problems existed when the new management took over.  I’ve […]

court update: VICTORY

By:  Diane Benjamin My original lawsuit against the City of Bloomington for Coliseum Concession reports and payroll was filed September 21, 2015. It goes back farther than that because I had previously filed with the Attorney General’s Public Access office.  Those documents go back to at least January 2015.  I foolishly though Lisa Madigan’s office […]


I was notified last night approval of release will be on the 8/22 agenda. Lawsuit pending until then. . By:  Diane Benjamin Laws evidently don’t matter to the current City of Bloomington Leadership.  Government “for and by the people” has become sit down, shut up, and we might get to you eventually. They have until […]

Court Update

By:  Diane Benjamin Making a trip downtown requires pics of almost empty buses – so here’s a couple: Speaking of downtown, the law firm representing the former Coliseum Manager is moving to Hershey Road.  They are leaving downtown because parking, accessibility for clients, and space issues made it difficult to stay in their current location.   […]

Back in Court this morning

By:  Diane Benjamin This hearing was scheduled by the lawyers for CIAM.  They wanted further settlement talks. Instead I filed an Amended Motion that has little resemblance to what I have filed previously.  Yes, I met with a lawyer last week who explained what the judge was looking for in words I could understand.  I […]

Legal-Some of what you pay for

By:  Diane Benjamin A Freedom of Information Request was filed (not by me) for invoices from Sorling Northrup in Springfield.  This is the firm Jeff Jurgens works for, the attorney Bloomington uses instead of replacing Todd Greenberg.  The request was received including the summary below of charges per month.  The cost per month is HUGE.  Greenburg was […]


Update:  See this story: By:  Diane Benjamin My first lawsuit against the City of Bloomington is now over – they finally paid what the judge ordered.  I wonder how Tari felt signing the check?  Is he admitting transparency only matters when he wants things transparent?  Probably not. Maybe Tari can take a lesson from […]

Remember the IWU kid who tried to vilify Stearns last Monday? UPDATE

More Not In Our Town hypocrisy from Twitter: Is this where I’m supposed to say “I object to these words and the damage they cause.  They have no place in our community.”  (from the NIOT pledge – Intolerant words) By:  Diane Benjamin If you watched the Bloomington City Council meeting last Monday you saw: Tari […]

Bloomington: meet Mayor Transparency

By:  Diane Benjamin Mayor Transparency Renner isn’t so transparent.  Keep in mind, he teaches kids at Wesleyan! I had to file a lawsuit to obtain information RENNER wants hidden.  The email below isn’t the only one I have, it’s just the first.  Mayor Renner has a public persona, but out of the public eye he’s […]

Lawsuit Update

by:  Diane Benjamin Here’s the status: – I filed a  compliant against the City of Bloomington siting 5 batches of emails that were either denied or redacted.  I believe the City violated the Freedom of Information Act passed by the Illinois General Assembly to insure open and honest government in Illinois.  (yes, I understand the […]

Senate Candidate John Bambenek Files Suit to Invalidate Constitutional Amendment Question on Ballot

CHAMPAIGN, IL (October 18, 2012) – Yesterday, Senate Candidate John Bambenek joined a dozen other citizens in filing a lawsuit challenging the validity of the state constitutional amendment on the ballot commonly known as Amendment 49 (HJRCA49).  The Amendment purports to require a 3/5ths vote for any pension benefit increase.  The grounds for the suit […]