Equal justice under the law?

By: Diane Benjamin

No, this has nothing to do with the election.

It does have to do with Judge William Yoder.

None of the news stories pertaining to the former Normal Police Officer who admitted stealing $12,000 said who the judge was. The only way I know is from a WGLT picture: https://www.wglt.org/post/former-normal-police-officer-pleads-guilty-theft-case#stream/0

How can citizens be asked to retain judges if they know nothing about their record?

Judges do not have to accept negotiated plea bargains. Judge Yoder did accept the 30 day sentence negotiated for Brian Williams’ theft of $12,000 when he responded to a medical emergency.

Judge Yoder also allowed John Butler’s 91 days home confinement sentence for the Coliseum theft.

Meanwhile Judge Yoder has sentenced at least one of last summer’s looters to prison, even after there was a negotiated plea deal for probation.

It looks like white collar crime doesn’t deserve punishment if restitution is made, evidently both aren’t possible.

The last Coliseum case defendant appears to be negotiating a settlement too. He’s scheduled to appear on December 31, the courtroom isn’t listed so I don’t know if Judge Yoder is handling this case too: https://publicaccess.mcleancountyil.gov/TwoWeekDocketCriminalTraffic.htm

The citizens will never get justice for the Coliseum debacle since no one at the City of Bloomington was held accountable for oversight failures.

The victim of the Normal police officer just might get justice: https://www.pantagraph.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/former-normal-officer-pleads-guilty-to-official-misconduct/article_867af39e-1c4c-5227-8b31-ada0e0331164.html

Too bad there isn’t a citizens lawsuit against Bloomington’s former City Manager and all but one member of the Council (Judy Stearns) that ignored evidence right in front of them.

7 thoughts on “Equal justice under the law?

  1. Stearns benefitted mightily from the BCPA

    She owns lots of property on Locust street

    She made out like a bandit.

    It’s funny that the politicians you like can do no wrong.

    Much like the Pantagraph.

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  2. threats to citizens who question or confront the police in Normal is nothing new. I too have been intimidated by an officer regarding a family members request for rehearing of a judgement. The officer came to my office stood with his hand on his gun, blocking the door to my office and said your taking that issue back to court? I said yes. He stated it was a good arrest. I showed him the door and the case and charges were dismissed.

    I also received a call from an, no name, officer one night. I was told to make sure I get a lawyer from out of town as Normal and the other party were not going to back down and the arrest was WRONG!


  3. Karen, Judy Stearns benefited from the BCPA, that is laughable! Yes, there were several who benefited, the main one being in City Hall.

    We need Judy Stearns back. She would have a heyday with the current council.

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  4. Tom, Stearns did not own the old Scottish RIte Temple, Masonic Lodge or whatever the heck it was. Drop the crack pipe Tom and seek help for your own good. Geesh!

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  5. Judy Stearns was pretty much the only voice of reason while on the City Council. She never benefitted one iota where the BCPA was concerned and worked hard to make it successful!

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