Extortion: Town of Normal

By: Diane Benjamin

Monday night Normal’s “professional staff” will present a plan to force their business owners to comply with Pritzker’s edicts. They will say it is the Carrot and Stick approach, but it’s really extortion. I wonder what Pritzker has promised in return for enforcing what can’t be enforced under the law? He knows the law doesn’t allow prosecutions so locals who want money need to enforce it.

Normal wants to do is waive all Liquor license renewal fees next year for those who comply and likely close their business. How can you stay in business when you can’t do business? If Normal thinks waiving fees is going to keep the doors open they have obviously never run anything.

Worse, “Administrative” hearings will decide who qualifies. In other words, we write the law and we find you guilty or innocent. (I hear they already are without a meeting of the Liquor Commission)

Meanwhile large retailers face no harassments for packed parking lots. Occupancy requirements under the same edicts don’t apply.

I wonder if voting records determine who gets a pass and who doesn’t? Just asking democrats!

Does Normal know the latest proclamation expires 1/4/2021? Should we be expecting more or are they wasting their time? Do those running for re-election think they have any chance of winning if they pass this? It will be fun to see what organization endorses anti-business elected officials! (Chamber of Commerce?)

PDF page 36-37 https://normal.org/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/3840

9 thoughts on “Extortion: Town of Normal

  1. This is NOTHING NEW for uptown! They have Extortion and heavy handedness down to a science. That is also how they “got” Ironwood golf course, with the help of Dave Anderson.
    Then AFTER they “extorted” the land from the farmers who didn’t want to sell, mr Anderson came out to their places when the golf course was built and presented them with a “golfing gift box” just for spite. Taxpayer expense of course.

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  2. Follow the money. It doesn’t take a sleuth to figure out that Reece, Koos et al. have financial interest in intentionally shutting down certain businesses. They either have direct or, more likely, indirect payola schemes going, and more likely than not, ISU is part of it. Taxpayers are always the first to be fleeced. Maggie Miley’s comes to mind. What businesses directly benefit from shuttering Maggie Miley’s? This is a RICO case waiting to happen.

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  3. Large businesses, including chains, have lawyers on retainer that will wipe the floor with Koos and Reece in court and they know it. So, they leave them be and pick on local businesses. If anyone thinks the administrative hearings will be fair or apolitical, you’re delusional. Koos’ kangaroo court will likely review the politics and virtue signaling of the business and its owner. Heaven help you if you’ve posted criticism of closures and/or the Town. I hope they pick on the wrong business owner and get taken to task by a judge.

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  4. When they do open back up, assuming that happens, they’ll have to follow Koos’ clean energy mandates and there will be rewards for those who go along and penalties for those who aren’t. Need proof? Read his letter to the editor in today’s Pantycrap for his “forward thinking” view of responsible cities. This pandemic is a set up for the implementation of the stuff Koos stands for. In fact, everything the town of Normal does is a means of getting people to comply with the King (Chris Koos) and the Queen (Pam Reece).

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