Returning to the scene of the crime

By: Diane Benjamin Since the City of Bloomington now running the Coliseum, click on that link and check out ticket prices. It almost looks like every couple of seats has a different price depending on where it is. It must be too difficult just to have a few different prices, this event needs tons […]

McLean County Justice

By: Diane Benjamin The last Coliseum theft case was settled last week. The two main culprits got off with misdemeanor convictions while 2 low level employees who couldn’t afford to pay lawyers for years now have felony convictions. All 4 received plea deals, another defendant had all charges dropped. The City of Bloomington received […]

Equal justice under the law?

By: Diane Benjamin No, this has nothing to do with the election. It does have to do with Judge William Yoder. None of the news stories pertaining to the former Normal Police Officer who admitted stealing $12,000 said who the judge was. The only way I know is from a WGLT picture: How can […]

Before you believe John Butler:

By: Diane Benjamin John Butler and his lawyers have been telling media John didn’t know his employees were stealing concession money. Evidently he’s such a great guy he agreed to a misdemeanor and paid $450,000 in restitution just because. That of course was after spending who knows how many thousands (hundreds of thousands?) on attorneys […]

Bloomington Taxpayers Deserve a Trial

By:  Diane Benjamin Five people involved with running the Coliseum have been charged with felonies.  The failure by the City of Bloomington to protect taxpayer dollars deserves to be exposed in open court. The citizens didn’t want it built, there was a non-binding referendum stating it.  It was built anyway and has been a constant […]

Don’t forget WHO is to blame for the Coliseum theft!

By:  Diane Benjamin The contract between CIAM and the City of Bloomington gave the City the right to exam anything they wanted to.  Nobody at the City ever looked at reports – especially concession sales.  Don’t forget, the City bought the Point-Of-Sale equipment.  They could have printed off monthly reports to verify what the City […]

Who is more incompetent?

By:  Diane Benjamin Charges were dismissed today against one of the main guys involved at the Coliseum, Bart Rogers.  He was John Butler’s main sidekick. The judge said the statute of limitations is three years, which means any theft or crimes that may have occurred prior to three years can no longer be prosecuted. […]

Audits? The Coliseum was audited!

By:  Diane Benjamin The oldest story I wrote about the Coliseum is from December 2013: But, look at this story from February 2014: First lines of the story: Operations of the Coliseum are extremely complicated.  Management hired by the City is operating some functions without any over-sight or accountability.  The taxpayers deserve to […]

John Butler back at GMA?

By:  Diane Benjamin Former Central Illinois Arena Management (CIAM) head, John Butler, might be back at the former Coliseum with the Bloomington Thunder hockey team. Even though the State Police investigation hasn’t wrapped up yet (as far as we know), an investor in the Thunder has purchased a majority interest in the Peoria Rivermen where […]

More Hales failures

By:  Diane Benjamin It should be obvious to long-time and new readers that David Hales, Mayor Renner, and the City Council aren’t supervising the management of the Coliseum.  Why remains to be determined.  It’s unconscionable for the City to be negotiating a new contract with CIAM considering all the violations perpetrated by them in the […]

Bought and paid for media: Coliseum Update

Update:  The City just sent their daily propaganda.  The title of the Coliseum loss story:  Coliseum 1st Quarter Economic Impact Are the citizens sick of being lied to yet?   By:  Diane Benjamin Both the Pantagraph and WJBC have stories today about another BIG loss at the Coliseum.  Obviously the City sent them a press […]

Coliseum: The joke’s on YOU

By:  Diane Benjamin The Coliseum was NEVER going to cost citizens a dime, at least that’s what citizens were told. Consultants predicted Revenues of more than $7,000,000 and large attendance at events.  Income was projected to be $2,319,000 a year.  See predictions here:  Consultant: Hyman Review NOTHING predicted has come close to being true. Last […]

Can we call this FRAUD?

By:   Diane Benjamin Monday night the City Council approved buying new video board equipment for the Coliseum – $1,389,605 before interest accrues from borrowing the money.  The documentation and discussion claimed the purchase was competitively bid because a group called The Cooperative Purchase Network was used for the purchase.  The documentation given to the […]

City attempts to deceive?

By:  Diane Benjamin Yesterday we all learned the Coliseum lost a lot of money.  See this story: The City of Bloomington put out their own version.  The below was emailed to anybody who signed up to receive their News Update. Notice anything funny?  Like the meat of the story is buried behind a link?  […]

Media participates in Coliseum fraud

By:  Diane Benjamin I am going to keep using the City of Bloomington’s own documents to support what I write.  Remember this quote from the proposed budget: Staff continued to build strong working relationships with reporters from The Pantagraph, WJBC, WGLT, and other area media.  Page 116 Today the bird-cage liner regurgitates false talking […]

Coliseum investigated by Attorney General

By:  Diane Benjamin The Coliseum Management has refused to turn over documents I requested under the Freedom of Information Act.  I asked for the payroll for calendar year 2014 and various Micros reports for events held in the building.  (the City owns the Micros equipment)  I even included rulings from the Attorney General’s office saying […]

Coliseum – another lawsuit

By:  Diane Benjamin The truth about the Coliseum has been hidden from the taxpayers for years.  It was intentional, even the City Council is in the dark.  John Butler’s BMI Concessions is an even bigger secret.  Butler set up a business inside a City owned asset, complete with a contract requiring set percentages of sales […]

Is the Coliseum open for business?

by:  Diane Benjamin Look at the schedule of events for the Coliseum: June: Highschool graduation 3 day Jehovah Witness convention 2 day Lomis Brothers Circus July: Chris Tomin/Brandon Health Feast Bash August: Crossfit Competition September: 2 ISU Hockey games 1 Thunder Hockey game October: 7 ISU Hockey games 4 Thunder Hockey games How is […]

More Coliseum questions – Anybody care?

by:  Diane Benjamin Bart Rogers was listed on the Coliseum website as the General Manager.  Now there is no General Manager, Rogers is a Vice-President  There are a couple of Assistant Managers though and an Associate General Manager.  Could the changes have something to do with the contract terms CIAM has with the City of […]

Coliseum: Management working for you?

by:  Diane Benjamin I’ve written before about Bart Rogers, but now it’s getting funny!  Somebody is in full CYA mode. The contract the City of Bloomington has with Central Illinois Arena Management says the General Manager of the Coliseum must have ONLY the job of General Manager: According to the 2004 contract Bloomington has with […]

Is Coliseum Management giving Bloomington their share?

by:  Diane Benjamin Operations of the Coliseum are extremely complicated.  Management hired by the City is operating some functions without any over-sight or accountability.  The taxpayers deserve to know the truth. The City has a contract with Central Illinois Arena Management (CIAM) to run the daily operations.  The Coliseum Fund is audited by an independent […]