Victory for taxpayers!

By:  Diane Benjamin

I knew the lies were going to be instant!

The City of Bloomington did NOT uncover the fraud at the Coliseum.  They were warned many times.  David Hales did not do his job – I hope Joliet is thrilled with their choice for City Manager.

The fraud could not have happened if the City had performed even a slightest oversight of the asset they forced citizens to pay for.  David Hales should be listed in the indictment along with everyone who has been on the Council since I started writing about the fraud YEARS ago.  The two exceptions were Judy Stearns and Kevin Lower who attempted to force an investigation when professional hockey turned into junior hockey.  They were shut down by Hales, Renner and the rest of the Council.

I have copies of three of the indictments and 3 mug shots.

Renner is conveniently on medical leave and Hales took another job.


More later!


11 thoughts on “Victory for taxpayers!

  1. A very sad and embarrassing day for the city. The arena, the gift that keeps on giving.

    Diane, the community is indebted to you for continuing to seek the truth and facts while the city administration and local media were busy being part of the cover up.

    Thanks for your tireless efforts.

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  2. Hope Joliet will be happy with David Hales total incompetence. Yes… he should have been indicted. Will Taxin’ Tari can come back to raising taxes and wasting city money now that he is not on the indictment? Was that the reason for his illness? I would get sick if I thought I was going to jail too!


  3. All those incompetent clowns are escaping unscathed? No accountability? Wut? Wut? Wut? They had a fiduciary responsibility to provide oversite of the contract and they did not because not only was the contract violated by CIAM and the City during its entire term, they continued to allow it to be violated when it was pointed out to them by you and others on numerous occassions. Good god, how can law enforcement look it’s citizens in the eyes and say that that there was no evidence of Hales and Renners involvement!
    Bull poop!


  4. Journalism is alive at BLNNEWS.COM!

    If you have not please, please, please give monthly to BLNNEWS. I give a small $5 a month via PayPal using auto withdraw. Will be increasing to $10 given the quality of investigative journalism.

    Investigative journalism helps keep our government in check – hence freedom of press.

    BloNo cannot rely on the Pantagraph or WGLT given the incestuous relationship with local government and funding via advertising (hundreds of thousands of dollars).

    We need good investigative journalism…

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  5. I’m waiting to hear what the total dollar amount is going to be.
    Employers have been known to not honor a hire. If Hale’s hasn’t signed a contract he could see it vanish about as fast as the offer appeared. That would serve him right to not be able to leave and face the music if he hasn’t broken his contract here and resigned. It would be even more funny if he has resigned and then Joliet says bye bye!


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