Arena – Will Gleason shut it down?

By:  Diane Benjamin The local paper has an editorial declaring the new City Manager the right guy because Decatur re-did their downtown.  They think Normal did, so there is no reason Bloomington can’t. They forgot Normal was in ZERO debt before they spent around $100,000,000 on Uptown.  (Is that restaurant space on the Circle still […]

Arena losses – fiction

By:  Diane Benjamin I’ve been writing about the Coliseum (Grossinger Motors Arena) for YEARS.  This “White Elephant” has been a constant drain on taxpayers since it was conceived.  The losses are huge, theft is being prosecuted, the City failed to oversee operations, economic impact numbers are made up, and new management is doing little to […]

Problem Joni

By:  Diane Benjamin A reader sent one of my Coliseum stories to Alderman Painter and politely asked if she thought it raised issues that needed answers.  ( This was her response: On Oct 3, 2015, at 7:41 AM, Joni Painter <[email protected]> wrote: Redacted, I don’t read Diane’s website any more because I have found it […]

Coliseum: Lawsuit time

Update:  Bloomington finally released the Coliseum 1st Qtr report.  They lost $252,000, but we don’t know how much of this is wages to themselves.  We do know CIAM took commissions of $24,378 and Management fees of $35,510.   Concessions income is a secret.  The Coliseum works great for John Butler, not so much for you. By:  […]

Bought and paid for media: Coliseum Update

Update:  The City just sent their daily propaganda.  The title of the Coliseum loss story:  Coliseum 1st Quarter Economic Impact Are the citizens sick of being lied to yet?   By:  Diane Benjamin Both the Pantagraph and WJBC have stories today about another BIG loss at the Coliseum.  Obviously the City sent them a press […]

Isn’t Communism Great!

By:  Diane Benjamin First the good news:  Pantagraph writer Steve Vogel has temporarily learned that telling elected officials to ignore citizens (check your email instead)  speaking during Public Comment was foolish.  He also learned that using 50+ people to describe how many attended Alderman Lower’s Town Hall was deceptive on the bird-cage liners part, so […]

Coliseum: Numbers don’t lie

By:  Diane Benjamin Check out the Coliseum’s Income and Budget numbers from 2006-2007: Income:  $3,353,392 fell short of the budgeted $3,580,500. Now look at the numbers from 2014 – 2015: (click to enlarge) Income is over $1.3 Million less, the Budget is over $1 Million less!  Admitting defeat? In April 2008 they reported income of $3,251,651 […]

More Coliseum fraud?

By:  Diane Benjamin Previously I’ve reported CIAM (Central Illinois Arena Management) reports profits and losses that aren’t close to what the auditor reports: How are the CIAM numbers so far off?  (Almost $600,000 last year?) Easy!  CIAM creates the report, CIAM has no reason to tell the truth, so they report whatever they want. […]

Coliseum isn’t CIAM’s priority

By:  Diane Benjamin The Peoria Rivermen signed a new deal last weekend with the Peoria Civic Center.  It is for one year with an option for another. If you didn’t know – the Rivermen are co-owed by Bart Rogers and John Butler:  CIAM (Central Illinois Arena Management). Meanwhile, the Coliseum doesn’t have professional hockey, doesn’t […]