Coliseum: Numbers don’t lie

By:  Diane Benjamin

Check out the Coliseum’s Income and Budget numbers from 2006-2007:



$3,353,392 fell short of the budgeted $3,580,500.

Now look at the numbers from 2014 – 2015: (click to enlarge)

14-15Income is over $1.3 Million less, the Budget is over $1 Million less!  Admitting defeat?

In April 2008 they reported income of $3,251,651

In April 2011 income reported was $2,766,059 with a budget of $3,040,290.

In April 2013 income reported of $2,592,795 and the budget dropped to $2,925,171.  The parking garage problems hadn’t closed it yet, so why did the income drop?

What happens to CEO’s in the private sector who consistently fail to meet projections?  Do companies just decrease the budget so they look better?

Clue:  They don’t get to keep their 10 year contract and make up numbers saying how great things are.

If the birdcage liner and WJBC actually cared about news, you would already know this. 

The Coliseum has been on a downward trajectory for years.  Your elected officials evidently don’t care.  David Hales sure doesn’t!

Total Wages on the April 2007 statement are $1,299,152

Total Wages on the April 2015 statement are $1,268,424.

Wages dropped $30,728 since 2007 while income dropped more than $1 Million.

We can all agree that Butler and Rogers are doing a great job and should have their contract renewed!  Right?  No?

Your position doesn’t count – common sense is involved.











10 thoughts on “Coliseum: Numbers don’t lie

    1. Butler and Rogers are still sitting pretty. Besides salaries they get commissions and management fees. Butler has his concession business. Nobody know how much he makes from that!


  1. Pretty dismal year and the trend for less revenue looks even worse. How do you have $400,000 in concessions and eight years later have $155,000? And they are pumping themselves up with having so many in attendance and such a terrific “economic impact”? Crazy


  2. What happens when a CEO does not meet expectations in the private sector? Golden parachute! Hate to see the pile that Butler would make if that were the case. How long before the coliseum resembles a foreclosure and we see Tari and David Hales walking around the place with gas cans? I tried googling the issues with Midwest concert promoters and territory and haven’t found a thing. I wonder how hard they actually work to get shows. Can someone call Century 21 and sell this thing?


    1. Nah, eBay buy it now option or best offer. It would probably violate eBay’s policy of selling “White Elephant’s” .


      1. I think someone sold a town on eBay. I would like to see the listing for the Coliseum:
        Newish sporting venue for sale. Great for church gatherings and large family reunions! Has great bones. Comes with two semi-pro teams, video scoreboard, restaurant and the scorn of the citizens who overwhelming said they didn’t want it. Underachieving CEO included at no cost!


  3. Have you FOIA’d Hales’ contract? I have it from a good source it has balloon payments in year seven and eight when he vests in IMRF.


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