Are these things leaking oil?

By:  Diane Benjamin

It’s a great morning!  It’s so foggy out here in the country I can’t see the wind turbines!

I know I have readers who know a lot more about these things than I do, so tell me why many of these monstrosities are developing brown spots.   Yep, the pictures aren’t clear.  I don’t have a long-range lens.  Click either to enlarge and you might be able to see it better.

For the rest of you – these are the reason your electric bills are going to go up.  You were forced to subsidize building them and what electricity they do produce costs more.  Hopefully they aren’t throwing oil in the fields.



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    There is a history of that at Twin Groves. See the top link.

    The Vestas V82 (all Twin Groves turbines) gearboxes and brakes hold over 70 gallons of oil, plus there is a hydraulic system that powers functions, pumps oil to bearings, and circulates through coolers.

    Dave D

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