See the smoke East of Bloomington yesterday?

By: Diane Benjamin The fire was on CRP land – Conservation Reserve Program. The Federal government pays farmers not to plant crops, supposedly on environmentally sensitive land. The land the fire was on looks just like every other field except for no crops other than what I call weeds. This land has been CRP for […]

The Heartland Institute Comments on East Coast Smoke from Canadian Wildfires

Note to readers: I love the Heartland Institute because they actually use science and history instead of throwing random bombs to steal your money by blaming “Climate Change” for everything. I suggest you follow their research. Of course the “other side” despises them. Press Release: ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, IL (June 8, 2023) – As a result of […]

Way past time County! Decommissioning turbines

By: Diane Benjamin Story from 2016: The required $25,000 per turbine for decommissioning could have been in an interest bearing account. $25,000 will not cover the cost of returning the ground to farm land. It didn’t when the agreement was signed – it REALLY won’t now! Better late than never? Some details: . .

More reasons to NOT vote for Andy Byars

By: Diane Benjamin Byars has supported Wind turbines for a long time. He appeared before the McLean County Zoning Board of Appeals supporting a farm in 2018. You can listen to his under oath testimony here: Byars speaks about 30 minutes into the audio and again for at least 15 minutes after. Byars isn’t […]

Corruption and Elder Abuse: Logan County

By: Diane Benjamin Wind farm developers have been targeting Logan County recently. The meeting below happened on 11/22. The video was taped from the Young Conservatives of Logan County Facebook page which has the entire video of the over 3 hour meeting. The part below happened very close to the end of the meeting. The […]

Temporary breather

By: Diane Benjamin Thank goodness the primary is over! Congrats to the winners. Before the next onslaught of campaign ads hit, cut the cable cord. Life is awesome without constant lies. The biggest loser is the ILGOP who failed to get Richard Irvin, Kyle Ham, and Rodney Davis elected, probably others elsewhere. Ken Griffin found […]

5 things you need to know

By: Diane Benjamin 1) Two meetings ago Kathleen Lorenz suddenly started voting against the “professional staff” and even started asking questions about bills. She was part of the gang when meetings were less than 1/2 hour long because nothing was questioned. She didn’t like my headline however: In case it’s too hard to read, […]

Bloomington tonight: TRUTH!

By: Diane Benjamin PDF page 114: Are you ready for electricity rates to double? How are your natural gas bills going? Government interference in the markets because of PRETEND Climate Change has only 1 goal: bankrupt you: When nuclear power plants can’t be built which would produce cheaper electricity than solar panels and wind […]

No More Wind Farms McLean County

By: Diane Benjamin Another company is trying to blight the country with oil filled wind turbines. The only winner with new fields is Wall Street since they grab the tax credits. Turbines will never create enough electricity to replace coal in Illinois, they will increase the cost of electricity however. Most jobs created are temporary! […]

Dispelling the uninformed

By: Diane Benjamin A LONG comment was left to today’s Earth Day story that I didn’t post. Below is just the first lines and proof this person doesn’t care about facts, I left their typo: China is at the forefront of mitigating global warming. Apparently America’s exceptionalism means we blame other countries fro our lack […]

UPDATE: Electric vehicles? Hyundai will recall 82,000 electric cars globally to replace their batteries after 15 reports of fires involving the vehicles. Despite the relatively small number of cars involved, Hyundai’s recall is one of the most expensive in history, signaling how electric car defects could create hefty costs for automakers—at least in the near future. By: Diane […]

Ice New Year!

By: Diane Benjamin That is is pic from my garage to outside. On January 1, 2020 the high temp was 46. See Accuweather: Climate has nothing to do with the weather. Quit being played by people who want to keep you poor and themselves in power using fear. Since leaving your house today would […]

100% renewable? Not going to happen

By: Diane Benjamin Maybe the local “environmentalists” missed the California brown outs. They are all in on 100% renewable, too bad it doesn’t provide enough power to keep people from having to unplug or get involuntarily unplugged. Below is one of the currently inoperable turbines east of town. All that black at the top is […]

Bloomington: What’s your electric rate?

By:  Diane Benjamin The latest case for limited government: Bloomington talked residents into electric aggregation in 2013.  It was meant to save people money by contracting for lower electricity rates by buying in bulk. According to the City website the contract negotiated for you expired almost a year ago: Source: If you click on the […]

Why Illinois is grasping fairy dust

By:  Diane Benjamin Even if you believe in man-made climate change, the facts presented in the story below should make it clear Illinois is not using any logic in their goal of all renewable energy by 2050: All they will accomplish is making electricity un-affordable. Full disclosure:  I believe this is a hoax to […]

Oops: More on Normal for Monday

By:  Diane Benjamin The Children’s Discovery Museum has a new Wind exhibit.  Just like real wind turbines, it was subsidized with tax dollars.  They got a grant from the bankrupt State of Illinois – Department of Natural Resources. The grant didn’t cover the entire expense however.  The problem is somebody forgot to get Council approval […]

Can’t have a conversation with some people

By:  Diane Benjamin We are being intentionally deceived.  Politicians do it.  Media does it.  Schools are doing it. Social media reveals just how bad it is.  This pic was not taken locally, but it was posted locally.  The person who posted it doesn’t see a problem?  Do you? That brings me to Sonny Garcia – […]

Climate Change Scam

Sorry, reading the wrong month By:  Diane Benjamin Yes, it’s been really hot!  Media thought we might break a record yesterday.  What was the record yesterday?  94 degrees What the media often fails to tell you is what year that record was set.  Instead they spew Global Warming or Climate Change unsubstantiated statements and demand […]

Lexington: Fight Invenergy

By:  Diane Benjamin The speaker at this event is Ted Hartke.  His family was forced to abandon their dream country home because turbines prevented his family from sleeping! Ted is a Civil Engineer for Foth and Associates in Champaign Urbana. More on Invenergy: More on Wind: (Part 2 was never printed because of […]

Ideology means no choices for you

By:  Diane Benjamin The Bloomington City Council spent almost an hour discussing why citizens shouldn’t be allowed to choose the lowest cost electricity under Municipal Aggregation.  The final vote was 7-2 with Aldermen Sage and Mathy against limiting your rights.  The rest of the Council voted with one finger pointed directly at you. Even with […]

Green isn’t really green

By:  Diane Benjamin The pictures below were all taken on June 2, 2017 east of Ellsworth, Il. In case you don’t know, wind turbines must have a backup system (FOSSIL FUELS!) because turbines aren’t capable of producing steady electricity.  The wind doesn’t always blow or it blows too hard.  Meanwhile, fossils fuels pollute more because […]