100% renewable? Not going to happen

By: Diane Benjamin

Maybe the local “environmentalists” missed the California brown outs. They are all in on 100% renewable, too bad it doesn’t provide enough power to keep people from having to unplug or get involuntarily unplugged.

Below is one of the currently inoperable turbines east of town. All that black at the top is oil. It isn’t the only one, leaking turbines are everywhere.

100% renewable is not a viable option. It will make electricity much more expensive though. Just wait until electric vehicles are mandated and there are even more energy shortages!

Anyone think environmentalists don’t want a prosperous population?

7 thoughts on “100% renewable? Not going to happen

  1. Yes – 100% renewables is not an option. You have to have a fossil fuel/nuclear backup. Because of the very nature of renewables (inconsistent energy production), they CANNOT provide 100% of the power 100% of the time. It is hard for me to believe that leadership in California made this catastrophic error in judgement that turned into policy which closed natural gas and nuclear plants?

    And as FYI – 4th Generation nuclear plants will soon be a viable cost effective alternative that should be part of the conversation about CO2 mitigation.

    Beyond that Fusion Power will (when we make it work) be the ultimate power source that will make everything else obsolete.

    Solar panels and wind mills is technology that will not be part of the future of power generation.

  2. How much energy was used to manufacture those wind turbines? How many toxic chemicals are mined to produce solar panels?

    Sorry to tell the environmentalists this, the wildfires are a result of poor forest management due to the regulations put in place because of the environmental activists.

    The road to hell is paved with good intentions!

  3. Please note in Today’s, Sept Daily Pant. Page A8 the Headline is “Daimler AG to pay $1.5 Billion in settlement to US government and State of California to resolve emissions cheating. Haven’t we seen this before with V W especially since thousands were parked in Normal at Rivian? Oh when will the government ever learn? Never, because the governments are too stupid to understand human behavior.
    Mileage standards create incentives to cheat. Price signals cause people to change behavior, not government rules. If the US really wanted to reduce vehicle pollution, Federal gas tax would have been raised a few cents periodically over the past 30 years. (and used the money to maintain highways, locks and dams and other transportation infrastructure.) Higher gasoline prices result in many people choosing to purchase more efficient vehicles and to drive less. More commuters would switch to commuter rail, subways and bus thereby greatly reducing the government subsidies to public transportation, congestion and pollution. No government incentive to cheat on mileage standards. Consumers make the choice when purchasing the vehicle and every time they consider the decision to drive or to use an alternative mode of transportation or not make the trip.

    States and cities could close all emissions testing stations and people would not have to drive to these stations which is a total waste of gasoline.

    Please note, I did not say the Federal government should increase gasoline taxes. I said increasing Federal gasoline taxes results in cost effectively gets the results the government desires. Whether or not the government objectives are desirable is a completely different discussion.

  4. I do use a source of renewable energy, as in ethanal. I have used it since it was delivered to the farmers back in the mid Seventies without any problem. How long can we not start looking for a replacement to fossil fuels as, yes they have a limited quantity too? Wind generators in this part of the Country is making it self viable. But just like a new car, it is mechanical and we all know even new cars have problems. On the other side, this is not a good area for solar power as it takes almost every inch of land and there are a lot better places for those. Oh about those subsidies everyone complains about renewable energy getting, look up the total dollars fossil fuels get, every year. I know I’m in the wrong place for this, but it needs to be said too.

    1. Ask anyone that has been trained in transportation mechanics and they will tell you the real fuel of the future is hydrogen. The kinks are being worked out as we speak to make it safe. Transitioning filling stations to sell it will be relatively easy and it will be pumped just like regular gas. Electric grid power and electric battery powered machines are already suceptible to electro magnetic attacks which will be attempted at some day closer than most think. Corn based fuels are expensive to produce and remove crops away from food production. It’s one of the biggest political scams going only benefiting the farmers that produce it and governments for tax purposes. Fossil fuels are more abundent than opponents want you to think but will eventually made illegal just like the opponents of coal. In reality, there is no 100 percent clean energy source. It’s all a myth brought to by the people that make money off the scam.

      1. Field corn is used in ethanol production not human feed corn. In the mid seventies the arabs took over the fuel control world wide and forced the price of fuel up better than 50-60% in a matter of days. Then to hold it up there they restricted the quantity sold. Shortly we had gas lines and then we could only get gas on every other day and might be only a half a tank.
        There is very little actual grain lost in ethanol production as what parts of the grain not used make excellent livestock feed grains, and is in high demand. Should ethanol production stop it very likely will never be reflected at your grocery store.

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