Bloomington going socialist

By: Diane Benjamin

In case you forgot, Tari Renner endorsed Daniel Biss a committed socialist for governor.

Jenn Carrillo and Jeff Crabill are democrat socialists. Many of the rest lean left, some farther than others.

Two socialist candidates have already announced they are running next April. It’s still really early but nobody in Bloomington is telling people the truth about socialism.

This country has thrown trillions of dollars at the War on Poverty since LBJ announced it. Around the same percent of people are still in poverty.

Obamacare didn’t solve healthcare? Food stamps aren’t feeding people? No surprise since government never solves problems, they create them.

Kelby Cumpston is one of the people who have announced they are running. He did this really slick video:

Kelby has been working in the community to help people who need it. That’s admirable, but now he wants government to do the work for him. He is a progressive and he wants to live in a Progressive City. That means socialism, government gets to buy votes with freebies and make everybody else pay for it. The people are permanently enslaved to government, the proof is generational welfare.

Socialism has NEVER worked anywhere. Why do some keep pushing it?

Cumpston wants to reform the police, he doesn’t say how. He helped pass the Public Safety and Community Review Board (PSCRB) that has heard very few cases against the police. He is pro-revitalizing downtown (how many more decades will that take Kelby?) and he wants a dog park.

He tried to get the Welcoming City Ordinance Passed. He’s against predatory lending practices. He thinks the west side is a food desert. Doesn’t Connect Transit run to the west-side Walmart Kelby?

Kelby is also for 100% renewable energy – he’s got wind turbines filled with oil in the background. He wants a comprehensive plan to fix the streets. Does he know Tari has promised to fix the streets for close to 8 years now? There is an $.08 a gallon local gas tax because of that promise and still few have been fixed. What’s your plan Kelby?

The video is very well made. It will fool a lot of voters, if they bother to vote. Most citizens don’t.

Right now he doesn’t have an opponent. Kelby is running for Scott Black’s seat since he isn’t running again.

Kelby is a really nice guy, I just don’t believe he realizes how destructive his policies are to both the people he wants to help and the people he wants to pay for it. Neither have any incentive to reach for individual liberation. One because if they earn more – more will be stolen by government, the other because if they earn more freebies get cut.

Government handouts create slaves. Socialism is easy to vote for, almost impossible to get out of. Anyone who calls for “progress” is a threat in more ways than one.

 “A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy…”

We are here now. Since all politics is local, citizens need to pay attention and vote.

13 thoughts on “Bloomington going socialist

  1. Five reasons these cretins and miscreants think socialism is just fine:

    1. They have no real knowledge of socialism/communism.
    2. They know nothing about the history of Western Civilization.
    3. They believe that “under the right conditions” socialism/communism will work “this time”.
    4. They want to be in a leadership position in the new socialist/communist society.
    5 They are closet authoritarians who want power without accountability (Fuhrer Koos).

  2. Oh, Kelby, Market Street Bakery is now a payday loan shark establishment.

    But, sure you got me on the Rivian go-cart race track at Eastland mall!

  3. If the West Side is a “food desert’ does that mean there will be another Green Top, maybe by a different name, coming soon? There’s Walmart (which I will never again support) and Aldi’s and Lupita’s, all are ok to do a full shop in and all are on the West side. Besides with all of the “delivery options” the Left is so hepped up about because of the Rona, every grocery store is at least currently delivering – oh and as to “it’s a hardship” for people to get to the store – most of them can get anywhere else they want to get to with no problem. I am so sick of these people playing everyone for fools in so many ways – of course some are fools themselves also being played by the others. Socialism preys upon the under-educated, the uneducated and also those who THINK they are SOOOO smart, but are simply indoctrinated, not educated. it’s been the same every time it’s reared it’s ugly head.
    People need to wake up in Bloomington, and Normal as well, I don’t think it’s too late, but it’s reaching that point and it is certainly rolling in that full blown socialist direction. These people NEVER rest, it’s their reason to live and breathe, they are out there infiltrating EVERY day, and they run for offices, qualified or not, and they keep on and keep on, it’s the wear them down strategy and they buy votes with trinkets and candy (not literally, but basically) Reasonably Conservative, at the least, and at least not Socialist People with good clean slates need to start throwing their hats in the ring or soon there won’t be much choice at all.

      1. I didn’t know that, but I’m not surprised, it is after all in the 2nd chapter of the Good Little Socialist codes of behavior manual.

  4. If no one rubs against him ( which he is likely hoping) he’s in anyway. Wether it’s this guy or someone else let them state and show position papers how they are going to jumpstart the local economy after Covid, bring in more gainful employment jobs and industry, how they are going to make the city 100 percent renewable energy efficient and by what date, how they are going to reform law enforcement, prove the amount of predatory lending practices and how they are going to stop it, how they are going to revitalize Eastland Mall, how you are going to change downtown and why hasn’t it already happened after dumping 100s of thousands of dollars already, how public transportation is an economic development took, etc., etc. They’re answers will illustrate their cluelessness. By the way, practically none of the wind energy generated here stays here. It is bought by energy providers and sent elsewhere. Please keep talking.

  5. Communism has always come the same way, people of my age have witnessed it first hand. A few lazy and highly unlikable sociopaths (read the life story of Karl Marx) get the idea that somehow they are smarter than everyone else and are entitled to rule. This invariably includes the intelligensia set at universities who work two days a week and have a lot of time on their hands. Sounds a lot like Tari Renner, doesn’t it? They get their merry little band of equally lazy, but violent, stupid and brainwashed minions to do their dirty little cultural marxism routine and get some power. Then, like locusts, they destroy societies and economies with their, grand failed little theories. Communists/socialists are true atheists who detest people of any faith because they hate themselves and therefore hate other people. The only equality they seek is to keep everyone micro-controlled, miserable and unbalanced. They figure out too late that it takes capital and labor to keep things running, so their machine becomes increasingly despotic and eventually they are eradicated. The world has already been there, done that. Not happening here.

    1. On another article you post that you have a degree in economics. The strange thing about such a claim is that you fail to recognize well over 90% of Marx’s published works (including those with Engles) were in the field of economics. In Western thought Marx is considered a fundamental voice in the field of economics. While you may have a degree in the field, you may also be a fraud. 😘

  6. Wow! I worry that Bloomington is going down a dark path, and at a time when the City is at a huge crossroads in its history. State Farm has announced that they don’t plan to grow their Bloomington presence and, from what I’m told, is moving out management higher-ups and tech/IT folks and replacing them with claims and customer service personnel. Nothing wrong with any of these jobs and the people that staff them at all, but you can’t sustain much less grow an economy on lower-paying, low skill jobs. The reason I bring this up is that leadership needs to be priming the private sector pump not increasing taxes on already struggling business owners and their employees and getting bogged down in social justice warrior and political correctness bs. I’m more pessimistic about Bloomington’s future than ever before. So sad.

  7. Run all the good people out of the bigger states and then all of a sudden, those bigger states electoral votes will be the looney left controlling all,,,just in case the demonrats cannot do away witht the electoral college.

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