We are being lied to about MANY things – the FAIR TAX is one of them

See this link: https://wirepoints.org/heres-the-central-misleading-claim-constantly-made-about-the-fair-tax-proposal-quicktake/

Excerpts from the article:

Don’t be deceived:

The State of Illinois can not live within their means. The Progressive Tax Amendment is just the latest scheme to get more of your money. Instead of reforming un-affordable pensions, they want more of your money.

Jobs will be lost and more people will leave.


12 thoughts on “We are being lied to about MANY things – the FAIR TAX is one of them

  1. What a catchy name “The Fair Tax” – the Left is marketing to the simple minds AND they are buying it!
    A guy at my gym said – “I think it is a good idea for the rich to pay more” I said – “This is not about the rich…in the end, we ALL pay more”

    The biggest red flag is the fact that Pritzker is funneling a TON of money into the campaign to pass this one!

  2. If government attaches the word “fair” to anything, it means the opposite and you should run away fast!

  3. People wonder why the push in Illinois for mail in voting since Illinois is the gold standard for election fraud and a Biden win here is in the bag. It has nothing to do with the presidential race…..it is this little nugget. As they told Nixon in 1960 “they stole it fair and square”.

  4. There are plenty of AFSCME members and trade unions that suck on the Prevailing Wage along with other ‘bobble heads’ that think this only a tax on the “rich”. They will have a big surprise when they see their tax rate balloon if the Fair Tax is approved. These groups have already had tax and fee increases (with the help of the effete GOP). Any proposed Fair Tax savings is already long gone. Unfortunately, when 80% of the registered voters are to lazy/stupid to vote the Fair Tax is likely to be approved. Just one more step to insolvency on the state and local levels. And, not one peep about pension reform from our local legislators or any of those running for election/reelection.

  5. The “rich” have access to all kinds of tax-avoidance schemes because they’ve got the money for lawyers to shelter their money through LLCs and the like, expense it all away. The only people who are ever screwed by “income tax” is wage employees who are just scraping by. And, yes, I have a degree in economics and a lot of experience in wealth management to back up my claim.

    1. Ghost, you’re exactly right! Antidotally, 80% of my social circle have either left or are planning to leave IL. And, this group is well aware of estate planning, revocable and irrevocable trusts, tax planning, LLC’s and the like, as you say. This group is taking their money with them leaving the burden to those that can’t leave this insolvent state.

      1. Mr. Picketty certainly has the ear of the IL political class (including the GOP) and the Biden progressive socialists. He and his following can grab their best hold!!

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