Tari: Still supporting Biss?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Before Tari took a “medical related” leave, he publicly announced his support for Daniel Biss – Democrat candidate for governor:

Recently Biss announced his running mate:  Chicago Alderman Carlos Ramirez-Rosa

If Chicago Alderman isn’t bad enough, Rosa is a member of the Democrats Socialists of America:  http://chicagoist.com/2017/08/07/chicago_dsa_convention_helps_build.php

Maybe Tari’s support of Biss explains why he encounters so much resistance as mayor.  We aren’t socialists Tari, are you?

Venezuela was destroyed by “Democratic” Socialism.

Below are pictures of supporters who recently had dinner with Daniel Biss and the people who “like” the Facebook post.  How many of them are Democrat Socialist?  Gee, one just got elected in Normal!  Abraham Lincoln was right – if we are destroyed it will be from within!

Will Chemberly publicly disavow her support or will her name be on the next DSA list of elected officials in Illinois?


20 thoughts on “Tari: Still supporting Biss?

  1. Well that explains why she accused every Unit 5 teacher of being racist. Without any evidence I might add. She’s a socialist. And that’s a fact.

  2. Communist scum who walk among us daily! Wish there was a NIYT or BLM to deal with people who want to STEAL your property and destroy the American economic system.

  3. Personally, I’m thinking if Tari’s busy with the Biss campaign, then at least someone else is paying his bills.

    I say let him go. Let this leave of absence turn permanent because his attention is now on a newer, shinier object. Yes, let’s let this happen. He can move on and we, Bloomington, can be rid of him as well.

    Obviously, he’s attaching like a barnacle to Biss . . . for a ‘job.’ Whatever.

    Not unlike so many of the other gross hangers-on.. If he had any sense, he would be shunning these ‘loose cannon’ types.

    But, I don’t want to promote that. Again, this is a good thing for Bloomington citizens. Some sense, stability and decorum can return under different leadership.

    1. Pinky was one of the organizers of this event. Pinky is the Renner barnacle behind much of the social media mud slinging from the Renner camp. i’m surprised the woman running for the County Clerk position is not in this photograph.

  4. Remember the articles on here about Wes Ward and speaking before the Normal Town Council about why it is good to take on more debt?

  5. It just gets worse and worse, but, as others have said this might be “our” out, of Tarry anyway – I am sure another is waiting in the wings just like him though, and that means a driven candidate needs to run next election cycle – also, I want to add that I like knowing where they feed – it assures that I will not go to those places since they are obviously places in the loop with Tarry and Company and therefore should be shunned by us peasant rabble (who pay the tab for Tarry and friends anyway) Anyone besides me notice that they eat at the same places all the time? By the way Biss doesn’t have a chance – which also illustrates Tarry’s lack of judgement – yep, this leave needs to be permanent.

  6. Used to be, socialists were too embarrassed to admit who they were or they’d hide in the corners of society. Now, especially with social media and a couple mayors in charge, they feel like they have some power or a voice.

  7. The birds of feather flock together I guess for college professors that have never held a full time job. Seems from his Wikipedia profile none of his family has ever too. Good grief he’d be the last person I’d vote for.

  8. MY mother always told me IF ya can’t say something nice about someone, well, and looking at this “crowd” I’ll just pass on it, and let the photos SPEAK for themselves.
    Does look like an interesting story line for a comic book though!

  9. With the recent so called sanctuary state bill just past, Rauner wins. Lol, Biss no problem. Gees Renner you’re such an idiot!

  10. Yeah, I have GREAT respect for anyone who lays an American flag on the ground for a photo-op. THAT in itself should speak VOLUMES!

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