Normal is crying

By:  Diane Benjamin

The financial statements and Financial Trend Report aren’t posted on-line yet.  They were discussed during the Council meeting last night, for now that’s the only information available.

Below is one of the slides presented.  NO council members asked how Revenue is a Significant Concern, but Expenditures are No Concern.  Yes, your taxes are going up – this time property taxes.  The proverbial comparison to surrounding cities is included – of course Normal isn’t the highest.  Cue the green light in the interest of governmental social justice.  Citizens everywhere need equal fleecing.


The whining continued over losing $1.2 million from MetroZone and another $300,000 because the State budget takes income tax revenue from every City that charges their own 2% or more Sales Tax.  Normal does.  I wonder if anybody has considered cutting the tax to see what effect that would have.

The total budget for the Town of Normal this year is $107,133,177.

Page 15:

Losing $1.5 million represents a 1.4% decrease in Revenue.  The staff and council had no trouble doubling your sewer and storm water rates. over the next 5 years.  They will have no problem increasing your property taxes later this year.   Cutting 1.4% won’t be discussed.

Earlier police and fire pensions were presented as a funding problem.  The reason given was the interest rates earned was below what was needed.  IMRF was presented as being just fine because they are well-managed.  Again, that didn’t raise any questions from the Council.  Anybody think either the projected rate of return for police and fire is too high or IMRF managers should take over police and fire pensions?  Of course, common sense isn’t allowed!

The Financial Trends Report was the only interesting part of the meeting.  Hit Play below to watch that presentation.


10 thoughts on “Normal is crying

    1. Metro Zone development increased more in Bloomington than in the Town of Normal. For the past several years, Bloomington was giving $1.2M of that tax revenue to Normal. Now, Bloomington will no longer be giving that revenue to Normal.


  1. Portillos will bail them out! Why I can hear those hot dogs just FLYING out of the place from here! MAYBE they should have a “Socialist tax” or a “sign tax” possibly a bicycle inspection fee.


    1. Yeah all of those Schlotzsky’s patrons are going there now since they closed their door. I look for that Chicken Little or Lite place to close next near Biasai.


      1. I thought the same thing – went by there the other day and thought – hmmm Slim Chickens isn’t going to last long. Is Schlotsky’s closed? I think they just look closed because there is seldom anyone there. OOH just checked, now they are closed – I knew it was coming.


  2. Where is Wes Ward when he is needed to help with Fiscal Strategies? Just kidding!! These financial issues were brought to the attention of Town Council prior to FY2018 budget cycle by Koos’ opponent during the Mayoral election campaign. At the time, Mark was chastised by the current Mayor-Pro-Tem as being irresponsible for suggesting viable Fiscal Strategies.


  3. I’ll bet the last straw for Schlotzky’s was the robbery. I remember when they came to town. 1996-1997ish. It was a great run. Bloomington Normal was a great area back them. Communism hadn’t completely taken hold. We were happy and our taxes weren’t obscenely high. Now it’s a progressive playground.


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