Civil war imminent?

By: Diane Benjamin

The left never accepted the results of the 2016 election. They won’t accept the re-election of Trump either.

Tweet last night:

Response to her tweet:

In case the police want to find Zach when Trump is reelected:

Mugshot – Peoria County

I’ve got a packed day today, so I will leave this to you readers for comments.

31 thoughts on “Civil war imminent?

  1. And I can’t wait for the fall of ISU. I hope Zacky starts there. Incidentally, if they bring that stupidity anywhere near my home or where my girlfriend works, I will have no problem doing what I need to do to ensure her safety and the safety of my home. And trust me when I say, I will worry about the legality of my actions AFTER my home and my family are safe. So to Zacky boy, I say, “Bring it, fool.” And to Jenn, I say, “If you’re feeling froggy, jump.” Neither one of you scare me.

    As to your article title, Diane, I’d say we’re already there. I’m not sure the public stalking and execution of political opponents can be classified as anything else BUT civil war. And I hope they realize what they’re asking for, but I suspect they have no clue.

    P.S. – Did Zacky boy get dressed in the dark before that mugshot? Not only is his shirt on backwards, but it’s inside out as well. HAHAHA.

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    1. Highly recommend Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network or US Law Shield for self-defense insurance. I have both in case someone like Zach tries to light up my place.

      Zach is a fascist. I’m pretty sure after Trump wins, he’s not going to tolerate fascist violence. It’ll be taken care of in a couple of nights and Zach will just have to stay in his mommy’s basement wanking it to free porn and eating cheese puffs.

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    2. You should see his one from 2005 when he was taken in for battery and aggravated battery/bodily harm – he’s been at this for a while. Maybe he needs some anger management classes. Oh and for the Karens and Darins rushing to protect the precious little agitator, this is easily accessed public information no one is telling anything on “little” Zach that can’t be easily found. Wonder how he got bailed out that time.


  2. Is Jenn Carrillo the communist colonizer even a U.S. citizen? Somehow I don’t think so. Does she know that a silent and well-armed army of patriots lives all around her who run businesses (CAPITALISM) to feed and house their families? Is she really that stupid? Maybe she needs to be sent back to Venezuela or wherever she slithered here from before she gets hurt. As for the loser Zach, he’s just another low-IQ moron who will likely end up living in Marion for the rest of his life.


  3. What people need to understand is all these radicals on the Bloomington City council and those who are running are bought and paid for by Tari Renner. These are his people and he’s their mayor.

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      1. I’m doing a little investigating on Tari’s “classes” he teaches at Wesleyan. I’m betting it’s heavy on the communist indoctrination. Looking at his bio on IWU’s web site: “During and after the completion of his graduate work in Washington, D.C., Renner worked for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and as the Director of Research for the International City/County Management Association (ICMA).” In other words, he’s a continuity of government deep state tool.

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  4. Without major funding from Soros’ shell organizations, this insurection would not exist. Even though, they have to bus ’em or fly ’em in to have much effect. As well, without knowing which communities of mayors will have their police officers stand down, these punks are just that,,,punks. When the gloves come off, that pumpkin head of a face that belongs to the out of shape gang of Zach and Jenn will run out of gas and fall to the ground as their mayors are sheltering in place under desks with scissors. The patriots will prevail.

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    1. Typo in earlier thread. With not without. Means that the rioters know which mayors will stand down and that is where they feel the most comfortable and do the most damage. Giving criminals free range. Wish I could have been the fly on the wall when Renner got pushed down though and seen it. It’s funny how those they they embrace are turning against them.

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  5. I have had it. I am so disgusted way beyond disgusted of what is going on in our country and I know that I am not the only one. This is way beyond commenting only action will fix it. I predicted a civil war coming years ago but did not think in my life time. It is time for action it is time to eliminate these low life pukes that are hell bent on destroying our country, enough said.

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    1. I agree wholeheartedly, but this is all by design. Make no mistake about that. The COVID plandemic to make us mistrustful of each other (even family members), the civil unrest… it’s all being orchestrated and normalized for us NOW to accept without complaint what is COMING. This is all a distraction. You ever heard of UN Agenda 21? Our government signed onto it in 1992 and 2020 is a benchmark year for it. Renner and Koos are disciples of it, useful little tools. I, for one, will be at the next Bloomington council meeting in person. Enough.

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  6. No, there won’t be a civil war if Trump wins. Folks give this minority of cretins too much credit and toss the words “civil war” around like they do the word racism. Of course, they will intensify burning and looting in their own run by leftists’ urban enclaves which is fine by me. They have been voting the same way for decades and will reap the harvest for that. Anyone still living in those hellholes that feel differently have made a major error in judgement. Snake Pliskin won’t be coming to rescue you. Maybe the Feds will take action and maybe they won’t. Infrastructure will collapse, deliveries of food/medicines etc. will stop as no shipping company will send drivers into the madness. It will be anarchy and Lord of the Flies. Personally, I don’t care.

    They venture out in the real world and they will be put down. The useless eaters and useful idiots can be neutered over a long weekend. Once the rain is brought down on them you will find most of their twinkletoe supporters will disappear because there is a difference between supporting a cause for twitter likes and defending your way of life and family because of real moral fiber.

    The civil war will come if the left tries to steal it in our face. That is a whole different story. Jenn and Zach are only pawns to those pulling their strings. Rooting that higher layer out and ending it once and for all and all that encompasses is a whole other level of conflict. When patriots revoke their consent to be governed by an unconstitutional cabal of Marxists is when you get your civil war.

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  7. No civil war is eminent but here are a few things that are:

    1. A landslide election that wipes out the Democratic Communist Party in state, local and federal elections
    2. Control of the House and Senate by the Republican Party
    3. An election that becomes a national mandate for law and order
    4. Law and order will be restored across the nation by a common sense crackdown on criminals and miscreants
    5. Two and maybe three Supreme Court nominations of constitutional conservatives
    6. The end of the censorship that Big Tech is currently engaged in (Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc)
    7. The designation of BLM and Antifa as terror groups
    8. The federal take down and jailing of BLM and Antifa
    9. The beginning of the end for “woke” professional sports teams
    10. The rejection everywhere of “cancel culture” and “woke” companies
    11. The end of the Democratic Communist Party as a competitive national party
    12. The end of many Leftist Mainstream media outlets (TV, newspapers and websites)

    The socialist/communists like Jenn and this fool Zack are a small minority of the population.
    The vast majority of Americans are good God fearing folks who will never accept the insanity of the left.

    The pendulum is about to swing very hard to the right. Get ready for liberal tears and cries of pain as they are hauled off in handcuffs. Get your popcorn ready Patriots!


    1. Does this mean you are against the military, police, postal service, public schools, public roads, airports, and assistance for farmers? All of them are forms of socialism. You seem to be against the backbone of society, which happens to be funded through socialist ideals. I am confused about your point. Please explain why getting rid of the police, military, or roads is/are a bad idea?


      1. John, your rhetoric is tiresome, every 4 years (at least) we get to hear the”Are you against roads and schools and yada yada yada” spiel from the eager little socialists who think THIS TIME it will work! – it won’t. I’m surprised you didn’t mention that Trump and the evil rethugs will take away the Social Security, that you also think of as a socialist venture (actually, it is a little which is why it’s pretty unfair in many ways, people, if they COULD learn how to save and invest that money taken from their checks on their own might be better off) and of course there is the regular drone of “kill grandma” which also never happens even though Cuomo and some other democrat governors sure did a good job of killing a lot of grandmas and grandpas too by filling nursing homes with Covid cases.

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    2. Yes the hammer is already falling! And wait until after the landslide election… lots of leftists and criminals will be heading to prison for a long time.

      AG Barr Reportedly Tells Prosecutors To Charge Violent Protesters With Conspiracy To Overthrow Government.

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    1. Happy to know where a violent criminal lives. I bet you don’t have a problem with a democrat U.S. congressman doxxing conservative donors…. but then hypocrisy is part of the liberal makeup.


      1. Who said I’m liberal? A person can’t take issue with doxxing, no matter what side of the spectrum they fall on?


    2. You are funny! Just an FYI from the peanut gallery.. I think all the regulars here would agree with the following:

      1. You appear to be new to the comments threads here?
      2. With the subject of the article being a Civil War your ONLY comment is in defense of a miscreant socialist/communist’s public outing?
      3. You deliberately try to cast aspersions on a True Conservative (JAMESMADISONSGHOST) by trying to dodge your political affiliation.

      Yes, you are either with us (the regular people of America) or you are against us. Pick a side or leave the playing field.


  8. Still waiting on Zach to blog/vlog or whatever it is he believes he is doing about his most recent arrest. It was quite funny and entertaining. Come on Zach…write about your experiences…we all want to know.

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  9. So apparently you want to have someone arrested after Trump’s re-election? Why? You don’t like his opinion? Or his Tweets? Also a person is innocent until proven guilty. Apparently everyone on this forum wants extrajudicial law in this country to come down on someone who hasn’t had his day in court. I find it extremely scary that the majority want some sort of “civil war” if Trump doesn’t win. Who would promote a “civil war” on their blog? Pretty irresponsible.

    “Yes, you are either with us (the regular people of America) or you are against us. Pick a side or leave the playing field.”

    So unless someone agrees with you 100 percent they’re against you? Who are “the regular people of America”? Trump approval rating is at 43.1 with 52.8 disapprove rating. So that 52.8 of Americans should “leave the playing field”? With that attitude, I wonder when Trump loses the reaction from the “Peanut gallery”? In many states Biden is ahead, in Wisconsin he’s 6 points ahead of Trump. There may be an incredible rude awaking….


      1. Oh I’m sure he did, right down to the final minutes anyway and then the awful reality set in, that all of their “experts” were wrong and Trump was indeed declared the winner, and yes I assumed his preferred pronouns and gender.


  10. I am one of the regular people, I have worked and still am for the past 57 years I have raised a family paid my taxes and supported those in uniform either the police or military. This regular person is disgusted with those that loot, burn, steal and kill our police at will. My description of civil war in my America is taking immediate action to insure that these pukes will no longer be able to tear my America apart with their illegal actions. Sorry but this regular person is in the majority and happy for it.

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