Update: Inflation? Obviously

A reader just emailed this information:

Nicor natural gas: Price per therm:

  • May 2020 – .26
  • May 2021 – .53

By: Diane Benjamin

If you heat your house with propane:

For the 2019-2020 heating season the price per gallon was $1.399

For the 2020-2021 heating season the price per gallon was $1.259

Of course that was when we reached energy independence and the war on fossil fuels wasn’t raging.

How much is propane in Joe Biden’s America?

For the 2021-2022 heating season the price per gallon is $1.60.

27% increase

From September through March we will use around 950 gallon.

Last year that cost $1,196.

This year it will cost at least $1,520.

Worse, I can only prepay 630 gallon. When that runs out the price could be much higher than $1.60.

Watch your natural gas price.

For those who don’t understand economics:

That 27% increase means I have less money to spend on other goods and services.

Now add the increased price of gas and every item transported with gas or diesel. The entire country will pay more for fossil fuels and the products transported by them because of Joe Biden’s war on energy independence.

Numerous types of power run the country, without them being affordable we are a third world country. Biden is hurting the poor the hardest. He will probably print more money to hand out which will make inflation worse.

Did you know the Federal Reserve can’t control inflation by increasing interest rates? The Feds won’t be able to pay the interest on the massive debt.

Expect a recession or worse.






10 thoughts on “Update: Inflation? Obviously

    1. Tom,
      Are are you serious? You don’t get how the equation works?
      I hereby take away your voting rights.

  1. Over and over we see the Socialist Democrat Party back us into a corner to try and squeeze self determination, liberty, freedom and our rights out of us.

    Donald Trump’s saying is – Make America Great Again (MAGA)
    The Socialist Democrat Party’s saying is – Make America Obey (MAO) 毛泽东; Mao Tse-tung

  2. Sadly, you are correcto mundo.  I have been watching the price of energy.  Some Towns in Southern IL where the gas utility is owned by the Town and they buy at market price, their customers were paying 80 cents to over a $1.00 per therm during the 20 day cold spell here and in Texas.   For years we had been paying near 30 cents per therm.  Fortunately INicor and Ameren buy gas all summer at low prices and pump it into underground sandstone “caves”  just north of Normal all the way to about Towanda mostly on the west side of I55.  They look like green huts or boxes out in the  fields therefore in winter when natural gas prices are high we receive a blend of cheap storage gas and higher priced pipeline gas.   By law we pay the weighted average of the gas.  The utility is not allowed to money on the gas commodity.  They charge for transportation, distribution, metering, billing, etc.  

  3. Tom spelled backwards = mot which rhymes with not of which makes perfect sense in Tom’s world. Congrats Tom!

  4. As to “Tom”, as usual (as is the way of his kind), he is wrong, and does it in a condescending and arrogant manner to top it off. “Tom” simply really does not “get it”. He may be incapable, or he may just be willfully ignorant and content to parrot the slogans of his overlords without questioning or doing any REAL research (which would mean straying from the leftist “approved” sites and sources). “Tom” votes for people like AOC, Pelosi, Biden, Cuomo, Lightfoot, Pritzker, Swallwell, DeBlasio (Wilhelm) etc. etc. etc. and has signs in his yard Thanking Pritzker for keeping him “safe” because “Tom” was not at all affected by the last year and about 3 months, but happily scooped up the government checks and bought himself a new bauble or gadget since he did not have to use it to pay his power bill or gas bill. Unfortunately, we are burdened with many “Toms” these days. “Tom” probably believes that Robert Reich is a top economist…..

      1. Yep, and I know that quite well, because I was once one of them, about the second year of Obama I finally had a full awakening. I was never “all in” which likely helped me escape but yeah, I was often condescending and arrogant toward anyone who was on “the right” and yet, looking back, I know now I actually knew very little of the full truth or story. Some wake up and walk away, and some, well, they don’t.

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