Inflation Is Good for Government!

By: Diane Benjamin A couple more things from Bloomington’s Monday meeting: Jeff Jurgen, who was promoted to the 2nd Assistant City Manager has a base pay of $186,134. With benefits the total is $234,297: An employee now with the State’s Attorney’s office has been hired to replace Jurgens as Corporate Attorney – Christopher Spanos. […]

Inflation: The Visual

I bought both of this “waterpik” type teeth cleaners two years apart. I paid $39.99 for both. I’ve had a waterpik, these are better – but there is a problem. The new one is on the left. It is much smaller than the one on the right. This is how much water each holds: That […]

Uptown: We will take two please

By: Diane Benjamin Is Uptown a success? The successful buildings on the circle so far are government owned, Children’s Discovery Museum and Amtrak/Town offices. The third building still has an empty first floor and the taxpayers are renting the entire second floor for the Town. (Remember when the Council told Pam it was a high […]

Bloomington Police will lose money

By: Diane Benjamin Monday night the Bloomington City Council will vote to ratify a contract with the police that provides 2.5% raises for 3 years. Because of inflation that 2.5% will not keep up with the cost of living. The out of control spending in DC and Democrats war on fossil fuels will keep […]

Tari, tell us again about inflation

By:  Diane Benjamin All the tax and spending increases since Renner became mayor he blames on one thing:  inflation. See this report from the City website: Total spending for 2009 through 2014 is listed.  Click it to make it more readable. Since 2015 has not been added, I looked it up. Actual 2015:  144,183,767  […]