Inflation Is Good for Government!

By: Diane Benjamin

A couple more things from Bloomington’s Monday meeting:

Jeff Jurgen, who was promoted to the 2nd Assistant City Manager has a base pay of $186,134. With benefits the total is $234,297:

An employee now with the State’s Attorney’s office has been hired to replace Jurgens as Corporate Attorney – Christopher Spanos. He’s well versed on the Coliseum prosecution and it’s resolution. See 3:03:35, salary not available yet.

Scott Rathbun, Finance Director, admitted inflation has been great for them, not so great for you. Tax revenue is up because you are paying more for everything they collect taxes on. Bloomington is seriously looking at spending the excess reserves on a new Public Works building and new fire station. Don’t forget the $750,000 downtown report should be completed soon too.

Tim Gleason was too sick with Covid to even attend by phone. Billy Tyus was sick too, but he did phone in.

The finance report is online here:

Just hit play to hear Rathbun’s comment:

7 thoughts on “Inflation Is Good for Government!

  1. I thought covid was done. Brandon declared it so. Could you imagine how trump would be roasted for declaring an end to the emergencies and how cases have shot up. TRUMP WANTS PEOPLE TO DIE

  2. It would have been nice to have Gleason give a very detailed weekly list of what all his time is spent doing before the bobbleheads on the council approved to give him a full time assistant. Bloomington is not that big, to warrant two city managers is not needed. What do you think did you all like your latest tax increases? How I wish that I could get the hell out of here!

  3. Yep, get out of Bloomington, Normal, Chicago,,,,everywhere Hellinois. The Prickster makes the previous four governors that went to the big house look like choir boys.

    1. I hear houses are being built and sold like never before in BN. Sounds like no time like the present. Do it and move, Probably get twice to three or four times what your house is worth. Maybe get a huge cash offer to boot.

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