Is Public Works sending a message?

By: Diane Benjamin

The streets and sidewalks presentation from Monday night is now online:

PDF page 2 states Bloomington has 842 Lane Miles (streets).

Below is the same graphic I posted earlier, except this one is readable – PDF page 12:

From 1995 to 2022 Bloomington resurfaced a total of 359.6 lane miles. 27 years averaged 13.3 lane miles per year. How many roads haven’t been touch in 27 years? Bloomington has 842, possibly not all those 842 lane miles existed in 1995 – but a large majority did.

If Bloomington continues on this course it would take 63.3 years to resurface all 842 lane miles. (842/13.3).

If you didn’t listen to NIck Becker’s comment in this story, do it now:

The condition of the roads is not the fault of Public Works. Blame is on past City Managers and Councils who preferred other projects like the BCPA and Coliseum. Together they have easily cost over $100,000,000 when interest and maintenance are added. It could be much higher.

Did Public Works post this graphic to send that message? Nick Becker clarified the issue for them AND YOU.

Who you vote for matters. Not voting in local elections makes those who didn’t culpable too. The last council wanted to be the Infrastructure Council. I doubt this one does. Paying attention Bloomington?

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