Also at Bloomington last night: Streets and Sidewalks

By: Diane Benjamin

The report presented last night is supposed to be on-line, so far I don’t see it. Instead of posting reports before meetings, staff likes showing slides that are frequently barely readable on the screen. The presentation was very comprehensive! If you want to know about the roads and sidewalks, watch the whole thing. The report will eventually show up on this site:

The City has 842 lane miles.

This slide shows spending and lane miles for numerous years. The brown line shows the miles resurfaced. Since the slide is difficult to read, I can’t tell you the total resurfaced. It sure isn’t close to 842 over 27 years.

2014 was when $10,000 was borrowed, that barely made a difference.

I’m surprised the slide below was allowed. It clearly shows what everyone already knows. The red lines are roads in despicable condition:

The comment of the night was made by Nicker Becker. Just hit play:

4 thoughts on “Also at Bloomington last night: Streets and Sidewalks

  1. These leftist don’t care. They want everyone dependent on govment and we should all be using public transportation. I’m waiting for them to all sell their cars. Donate the proceeds to charity and start taking public transportation

  2. And don’t forget. Ward patting herself and the rest of the council on the backs for spending 10 million. Except Walsh who said it wasn’t enough. She is so proud to be able to do less than 1 percent of the roads. Because we will never catch up so why even try. Don’t worry she is getting a Starbucks in her ward so those poor down trodden folks can buy overpriced coffee….

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