Good News: Connect Transit will lose less than they budgeted!

By: Diane Benjamin

That is a link to the packet for the meeting held 2 days ago.

Yawn now, Connect lost another $1,215,864 in April. They reported for the 10th month in their fiscal year – only 2 more to go.

Through 10 months they lost $12,405,171. The budget for all 12 months is to lose $16,350,921. They would have to work REALLY hard to lose all they budgeted!

Total ridership is up 18.55% over last year, the lesson learned is the more riders the bigger the losses.

Last April they only lost $1,036,672:

Let’s blame inflation!

I STRONGLY urge you to read the Federal and State legislation reported by CT consultants starting on PDF page 14. Especially in Illinois we don’t live in a Constitutional Republic where legislators know their job is to preserve Freedom and Liberty for future generations. It would be comedy if these clowns weren’t stealing your money so they can dictate every aspect of your life.

This note is included:

Mary just happens to be black. Why was she removed? NPR explains the likely reason:

Connect wants to start their microtransit routes this summer. They got a grant for electric vehicles but they can’t get them quickly:

How much are they going to spend on gas vehicles?

Annual Report:

See their Mission Statement on PDF page 2.

It looks like Southwest Bloomington will finally get service.

They still have job openings:

3 thoughts on “Good News: Connect Transit will lose less than they budgeted!

  1. They LOSE $1,000,000 tax payer dollars every month. EVERY MONTH. This is NOT what success looks like. This is FAILURE! Every person working for Connect Transit and the board is responsible for this FAILURE.

  2. Connect Transit is having difficulty retaining employees because they are a drug a drug-free employer. Cannabis use is an issue.

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