By: Diane Benjamin

Does the local ACLU agree with mutilating children? Putting them on puberty blockers that can make them infertile for life?

A VERY HIGH percentage of kids who are convinced by social media they are trans outgrow it.

Kids should not be guinea pigs in a science experiment. This is evil. If the local ACLU doesn’t disagree with the national statement below they have no credibility! Nothing is medically necessary when it comes to life altering decisions by kids who can’t process the repercussions and parents who are threatened by doctors.

Hands off the kids!

10 thoughts on “This is EVIL ACLU

  1. This is why we will Boycott Bud Light Forever, Boycott Target Forever, and more. The endorsement of trans that has set it’s sights of sexual depravity on children. There is no forgiveness.

  2. Maybe it’s time we start to question which are more in need of psychological help, the children or these utterly brain dead, woke ideologues.

    1. Excellent point. In addition to the fact that absolutely NO ONE in Unit 5 has the credentials, the education, or the medical expertise to diagnose or assess children in this arena. None of them! They’re self appointed leftist progressive marxists whose only objective is to, “Destroy Childhood Innocence and Destabilize Children.”

  3. What would you think of parents of a 9 year old girl who are starting puberty blockers on their daughter because she acts like a tomboy. This is happening in your town! How sad and sick, welcome to the new America.

  4. You know, I am all about be who you want to be. If you want be straight, be straight, if you want to be gay, be gay. If you want to be pink and purple polka, then do it. However, there is no CHILD at age 9 that knows that they are “trans.” I would even speculate that even at age 18, a person could still be making a lifelong mistake in taking hormonal changing drugs or having any kind of permanent surgery. I also think that this trans thing has given both genders an “out” if you will for dealing with hard relationships. Dating is not easy. Breaking up is not easy. Navigating puberty is not easy. Add in all the social media influences that our children are now subjected to and that makes it even harder. Don’t get me started on the trans impact has had on girls’ sports.
    I would hope that physicians that are prescribing these drugs are also mandating counseling for these kids. I recently had a friend who was molested as a child tell me that he thought he was supposed to be gay since he had been molested by a man. He is now married to a woman and they have a child. He said, he just didn’t know. His Dad had passed away when he was young. He was more artsy than sporty. He got taken advantage of and lived what he would say was a “gay” life until he was into his 30s because he thought this was how it was supposed to be. Our kids have be more confused now with all they see and hear.
    We have got to protect our kids. NOW.

  5. I’m baffled as to how children/minors can legally consent to some things (gender transformation & abortion) and not other things ( alcohol purchase & sex) . It seems very selective and arbitrary.

    Most of these minors seem to have one thing in common though : a really weird ,liberal , narcissistic virtue signaling caucasian parent (s) that have that wild eyed look – esp the womyn.

    Oh well , to each they/them own. Self-harm rates among those in this category speak for themselves so it tends to work itself out over time.

    Many such cases.

      1. Isn’t true on multiple levels – both the high but unspecified/unsupported suicide rate, and in typical leftist fashion the very term ‘gender affirming care’ refers to gender-denying care.

  6. You can’t rent a car until you are 25, but you can take hormones that permanently change your body when you are 12. Sure. Makes sense

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