FOIA email: Jeff Fritzen

By: Diane Benjamin

This email was received by FOIA. Although long, it has lots of good information you probably didn’t know – like the Town of Normal “settled” for Chick-fil-A. I wonder if this company that racks in tax dollars for Normal know?

Remember, the Council pre-election voted 6-1 against High Haven. After the election it was approved 7-0.

Email addresses are private information – the Town staff should have redacted it. Like many other emails, the “professional staff” failed. They did illegal redact names on many others.

5 thoughts on “FOIA email: Jeff Fritzen

  1. The email was sent from Jeff Fritzen to Jeff Fritzen? The only way you would have gotten this email by FOIA would be if Jeff Fritzen used a Town email address. Is he appointed to something or is this misuse of taxpayer resources?

  2. Well Jeff, how does it feel now that you’re no longer on the Council and your emails and your opinions are totally ignored when you disagree with the mayor, the queen and their Council? To quote Karyn Smith, are you “channeling Stand Nord?”

  3. Let the village of normal corner of the marijuana market. Those people making these decisions are obviously stoned. Don’t make them ply the streets to buy their dope from some shady dealer in the bad part of town.

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