Normal – meeting recap

By: Diane Benjamin The meeting started early with a Work Session. The first presentation was an update on Normal’s Smart City Plan. All you need to know about this plan is the World Economic Forum is pushing it: Government making decisions for the future is always a planned disaster to eliminate pesky citizens planning […]

FOIA email: Jeff Fritzen

By: Diane Benjamin This email was received by FOIA. Although long, it has lots of good information you probably didn’t know – like the Town of Normal “settled” for Chick-fil-A. I wonder if this company that racks in tax dollars for Normal know? Remember, the Council pre-election voted 6-1 against High Haven. After the election […]

Hilarious Normal!

By: Diane Benjamin I’m paging through a FOIA I received with communication concerning the two recently approved cannabis dispensaries. Most emails in support of approving the special use permits have the name of the supporter illegally redacted. Those opposed don’t. Emails are no different than appearing at Public Comment, therefore names can not be redacted. […]

Will council vote different now that the election is over?

By: Diane Benjamin This will be the first meeting with nobody representing taxpayers. Andy Byars replaces Stan Nord. Remember when Dan Brady and Rodney Davis rented a building in Uptown for $1? That was 104 North St. The documentation for tonight claims that building will soon be unavailable due to development. Darin Lahood […]

Inside 1 Uptown Circle

By: Diane Benjamin I guess the building owner’s mommy never yelled at him to turn off the lights. The pictures below are inside the still empty first floor of 1 Uptown Circle – one of Mayor Koos’ success stories filing a hole in Uptown: Yes the lights were on yesterday, but don’t worry – the […]

Bloomington Monday night

By: Diane Benjamin Monday: Bloomington Council meeting: Bloomington will get their own cannabis dispensary. It will be centrally located at GE Road and Veterans Parkway. It is owned by the same company that operates the one in north Normal. Likely it will draw customers from Bloomington and Normal. Sorry Normal. (Let the city wars […]

Jenn recruited Decatur radicals

By:  Diane Benjamin The radical leftists are running rampant again just like they did in the 60’s.  They weren’t stopped then until they showed their violent side, expect the rabble-rousing to accelerate in the future. The Decatur City Council  voted to not allow a cannabis dispensary.  A group called the Decatur Dispensary Project is collecting […]